I’m Really a Superstar

• Type :

Chinese Novel

• Translator :

Gravity Tales

• Author :

Chang Yu

• Names Associated :

Ngã Chân Thị Đại Minh Tinh


Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to beapproach a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!

It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this current world!

Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him supernatural poweral items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous!

The main personality has rare powers and there’s a huge wish fulfilment angle, so it’s like a Xianxia novel without fighting or constant wilful murder. Based on that alone it was easy to get into, as the reputation and hijinks of a hero are usually more fascinating than their battles anyway.

While the tale is about plagiarism, it can be thought of as an author’s toast to great works that are “worth stealing”. I like that it introduces me to stuff I don’t know anything about, like Chinese poetry. Although a lot is lost in translation and it could really utilize a quality pass, it’s kinda clean to see that. But the plagiarism thing is a double-edged sword. It’s hard to respect a hero who relies on that to earn popularity. If he had any self-respect at all he’d realise how masturbatory the whole exercise was and that the victory it was leading towards was completely hollow. Not only does fame look better from the outside, but he’s not even earning it.

Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the current world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

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