Release that Witch

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Chinese Novel

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Er Mu

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Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu


Cheng Yan traveled through time solely to finish up in Europe of the medieval period, changing into Roland, a Royal prince.However this world doesn’t appear to be identical as his former world. Witches are real and they can utilize supernatural power?

Follow Roland’s battle for the throne against his siblings. Will he be able to win, although the king already declared him to be a hopeless case and with the worst startning situation? along with his experiences of recent technologies and also the help of the witches who are referred to as devils’ servants and afraid by the Holy Church, he might have a fighting probability.

The mc has knowledge of Earth and can apply it to the current world. still, what’s the purpose of following our step by step hitale? With the assistance of the witches, he’s ready to build steam engines, flintlock muskets(improvised musket), ironclads, hot air balloon, artillery, TNT, lasers and far more!

Now, let his journey start.

Review From NovelUpdates

Loved it, truly a beautiful read. I didn’t expect a Chinese novel could be like this. The title and the cover for this novel doesn’t do it justice at all. Don’t let the title or the cover hinder you from reading this!

A mix of realism, kingdom building, fantasy, mystery, witchcraft & science, it is a pleasure to read slice of life novel at the early chapters. The latter chapters however, will also shed some light into the ‘darkness’ of the world Roan transmigrated to. Relatively speaking, it’s not as simple as it seems in the surface, but the ‘darkness’ is not anything gruesome or heavy things like rape and all, it’s more like the dark dealings of the church and the pain caused to the witches. All in all, it’s actually pretty light.

Let’s say that in most transmigration stories, I would say that…a bunch of them doesn’t really put emphasis on the sudden change of personality from the mc. Like how a person can suddenly turn from a complete bastard to an upright person, Isn’t it common knowledge that such a thing is very weird?

I’m sure the people around you will pick up some details and be suspicious, and in the end you would get discovered, or worse you can probably be accused as a devil. But nope, the story doesn’t goes like that. The people there are too stupid to realize the drastic change. Not with this one though, the mc knows it would be a dumb move if he suddenly act as he would and slowly reveal his own personality instead , this is what I call REALISTIC, as far as I have seen, RTW is one of the novels that has put realism in a very heavy consideration, which is very admirable. I think most other authors won’t be willing to put so much research into their novel.

*ehem* rants aside, The mc is transported into a world very similar to medival times in Europe but in fact it is not. Supernatural powers truly exist here, magic exists in a minority of females who are somehow able to wield magic, these witches are however, hunted by the people as they are labeled as demon kins by the church, which have succeeded to brainwash the people of the continent. It has now been the goal of the Mc, Roan to help these witches and build a kingdom where witches and humans alike can live together.

The story has also been successful in integrating a big believe of medieval times, nonsensical superstitious. Things like, for example, witches are the incarnation of devils.

In my opinion, RTW is a very realistic fantasy story that I think that if this world would have supernatural powers, such kind of incidents would occur in the past, in fact the realism is one of RTW’s charms, something that the author had probably poured lots of research in.

As the mc used to work as an engineer before, he is very knowledgeable in the division, which he will be using a lot. He will be using his modern knowledge a lot to tackle his problems along with the help of the witches, which along the way, he would encounter more and more witches, he would then help them and they, in turn would help him.

The only problem I have is that the Mc too smart!! Lol, he had a lot, by lot I mean LOTS of information stored on his head that even couped with his work before, almost doesn’t really make sense, this is specifically evident as more time passed. But anyways, I’m sure all of us are not particularly concerned with this plot hole.

However, RtW also focuses on some details of machinery, chemistry, etc. So this point might cause some readers to be turned off, which is sad.

Talking about details, RTW is probably one of the most well-done romance in CN novels, an origin where lots of poorly done romance comes from. The romance here is subtle, in fact, slow, it doesn’t show much spotlight to it but it is a fact that the author had done it carefully which made it enjoyable. Oh, and harem is possible, just warning. Although I can vouch that novel’s harem (if it would happen) would not cause deterrents.

As the story progresses, You will feel like this story has more secrets to it and is not simply what it looks like in the surface, and on the later chapters, mutated beasts and..a so called-devil would also appear..

Translation still have mistakes here and there but not to the point where it causes you to avoid it, and it has improved a lot too, anyway, thanks Roxerer!

I have to say that RTW just have this unique quality of it that makes me and lots of us here love it so much, awesome work, a slice-of-life fantasy with tinges of medieval darkness.

200 chapters are in, and I have already edited this review for more than 5 times. 9.4/10 this is one very exquisite novel that never fails to surprise me, simply elegant.

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