I’m getting redirected everytime I try to download a novel via mobile from your site

The reason that happens is because we use mega to share links and to download from mega you will need Mega Sync app. You can get that from Play Store.

I don’t want to install another app on my mobile just so i can download novels.
Is there another way?

There’s a method to download from Mega site without needing to get the app.

1 – First of all you will need to use a browser that supports Desktop Site Mode like chrome Request Desktop Site. Chrome and firefox both support this feature. If your using another browser, google search to see if you can access sites on Desktop View.

2 – Now if you visit the Mega link it will now show you a page showing this file can’t be downloaded in mobile browser as shown in the first image below. Just follow the instruction from the images below and you should be able to download the file.

If you follow the instruction correctly you should be able to download the novels now on mobile.

Some novels are giving me the error
“The page isn’t redirecting properly” or “This webpage has a redirection loop”

If you are getting an error like that in any of our pages, Please Report it by Contacting Us.

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