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Korean Novel

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Gravity Tales

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Hwan Saeng Jwa


A long time ago existed a God who enjoyed animals that are watching the most. Bored stiff, the Jesus created a globe that is current entertain himself. The [Abyss]. Fight and you’ll be rewarded. Never and you’ll perish.

The God started initially to fill his world that is current[Abyss utilizing the creatures he created.

Humankind was send for this globe that is brutal years ago and ever since then fought relentless. Since, only 4 have threatened and survived with extinction, had to choose who will get back to the past to save the humankind from its perishment.

Therefore, Kang Hansoo is going back 25 years ago, to your correct time when he first arrived in this world, when he’d 20.

Now, Hansoo has 5 years left before the remainder of this world population will be transported to this otherworld, this may also mark the time when humankind will likely to be sent again in to the world that is current, to be forced in fighting the other events and animals inhabiting it…

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