Chapter 460: The Powerful Wen Yi Jian

Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Shen Zhong Cheng spoke no more superfluous words, directly thrusting his sword.

Hong , he drove the sword towards Wen Yi Jian as if the thing driven wasn’t a sword, but a mountain of swords, giving people a feeling of extreme heaviness; if pierced by this word, one would definitely be smashed into pieces.

This was White-Robed Sword King’s martial intent and belonged to his own way of the sword.

Ling Han nodded inwardly. This younger generation already walked down a path that belonged to themselves; it was no wonder that it was said people on the prodigy roll could definitely become Flower Blossom Tier warriors—each one was certainly out of the ordinary.

Wen Yi Jian’s expression, however, was full of disdain, and he unconcernedly pointed with a finger as a powerful sword intent circulated and a flash of sword light flashed. Hong , behind him two wings of light fluttered gently, making him seem like a god descending to earth.


With the point of a finger, Shen Zhong Chong was immediately sent flying and the long sword almost slipped out of his hand; yet he caught it forcibly as blood splattered from his purlicue, and even the skin ruptured, looking extremely tragic.

Everyone was greatly shocked. That was Shen Zhong Cheng, the White-Robed Sword King, the twenty-ninth place on the prodigy roll last year and this year’s top ten, enough to represent those with the strongest battle prowess in north region’s younger generation.

However, he was defeated in a single blow, and by only a finger.

Hiss, the difference was way too great!

Everyone knew that the with the four regions, middle state’s martial arts level was the highest, and the north region was the lowest of the four regions, without even Deity Transformation Tier elites. However, did the younger generation also had such a great difference?

Clearly, Wen Yi Jian was also in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, and even if he was at the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, the gap shouldn’t be so wide?

“You’re no good!” Wen Yi Jian shook his head and said, “If you cultivate diligently till the ninth layer of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, becoming the same as me, then you would be barely qualified for me to use my sword. However, I’m truly a bit disappointed that this is your so-called genius on the prodigy roll, and ranked number eight?”

‘, mocking crowd again.’

“Hehe, Brother Wen, then let me battle you.” Yang Jun Hao walked out, battle intent burning in his gaze.

Wen Yi Jian glanced at him once and said, “You have some strength, and are about the same age and cultivation as me, which means you’re satisfactorily gifted. However, with the same martial arts tier, that only represents that our power is close, but power is only a part of battle prowess.”

“You mean, although our tiers are the same, your battle prowess is far above mine?” Yang Hao Jun said indifferently, but in his tone was an obvious fury.

“That’s only natural!” Wen Yi Jian said as if it was a matter of fact.

“I sure want to see for myself!” Yang Jun Hao laughed instead of being angered. He shook his hand and unleashed his long sword. This was a Spirit Tool, entirely crimson-red, and covered with vein-like lines.

“I’ll let you have three moves and defeat you in one,” Wen Yi Jian said loftily, sweeping his gaze across the surrounding people.

Yang Jun Hao sneered, and no longer said superfluous words, simply pouring power into the long sword and beginning to activate his Spirit Tool. Weng, weng, weng , on the blade, the vein-like lines lit up one after another as ceaseless raging flames surged out, instantly raising the surrounding temperature by a whole lot.

However, the raging flames surged in front of him, forming a casing, protecting him within, as if a shield.

A Spirit Tool that was both offensive and defensive.

“Fiery sea and raging tides, sword of violent winds that breaks through void!” Yang Jun Hao shouted loudly, leaping out an bring a sea of flames with mighty momentum.

Wen Yi Jian shifted his feet, evading swiftly.

Shua, shua, shua, Yang Jun Hao attacked repeatedly, while Wen Yi Jian kept dodging. It was as if Yang Jun Hao had taken the upper hand.

“As expected of the first on the prodigy roll!”

“This strength is too powerful!”

“Defeat this arrogant disciple of the east region, and let him know that we north region aren’t to be provoked!”

Everyone complimented one after another, while the girls that were crazy about Wen Yi Jian were extremely nervous, gripping their hands tightly in front of their chests and praying for Wen Yi Jian.

“Three moves have passed,” Wen Yi Jian said indifferently and shook his right hand as a sword appeared, very simply thrusting at Yang Jun Hao. This sword thrust broke through Yang Jun Hao’s concentrated attacks, splitting the sea of fire, and pierced the fire shield.

Pa , this shield trembled once and shattered as the blade continued to thrust almost without a pause, and with a pu , Yang Jun Hao’s right shoulder was penetrated.

Wen Yi Jian withdrew his sword and said indifferently, “Merely so, truly disappoints me.”

“Wen Yi Jian! Wen Yi Jian! Wen Yi Jian!” The girls who were extremely nervous earlier began to scream, appearing indescribably excited. The men’s morale was low, and even more so full of disbelief.

One strong as Yang Jun Hao was defeated in one move, then even if Hu Niu or Ling Han took the field, what could even be changed?

At the last fight when Hu Niu fought Yang Jun Hao, it was also a close fight. Although Hu Niu didn’t use her terrifying teeth, it still proved Yang Jun Hao’s exceptional strength.

Wen Yi Jian was too strong, strong to the point of making people hopeless!

“Zhu Xuan Er, after exploring the mystery realm, how about returning to east region with me?” Wen Yi Jian asked Zhu Xuan Er.

Hiss, this guy actually dared to dig Master Ling’s people?

Everyone was shocked; seeing Wen Yi Jian yield at first, they thought he feared Ling Han, but now he openly invited Zhu Xuan Er. He completely didn’t care about Ling Han at all! Obviously, this guy certainly didn’t want to come into a direct conflict with a Heaven Grade alchemist, but he wasn’t the least bit afraid of one.

…He certainly couldn’t resist a Heaven Grade alchemist head on, but didn’t need to be deliberately patient and accommodate him; clearly, he didn’t need Ling Han to refine pills.

Austerity followed desirelessness.

This guy was truly hard to see through and was quite cunning. He admitted earlier that he didn’t dare to exchange blows with Ling Han, and now if Ling Han flipped out at him, wouldn’t that tarnish Ling Han’s image as a Heaven Grade alchemist?

If word got out, everyone would say that a dignified Heaven Grade alchemist had no tolerance for others and bullied a Spiritual Pedestal Tier relying on his position.

Ling Han’s gaze turned cold. He disliked being toyed with in the palm of others.

“Niu will beat the heck out of him!” Hu Niu jumped out and blocked Ling Han, walking towards Wen Yi Jian with her hands behind her back, and said, “Ugly monster, Niu will fight you! If you lose, take this woman away!” She turned around and pointed a Zhu Xuan Er.

Everyone was dumbfounded—why did losing mean taking away Zhu Xuan Er? If so, then they also wanted to lose, wishing they had taken the field earlier.

Wen Yi Jian laughed loudly and took out a stick of sugarcoated haw, handing it to Hu Niu, and said, “Little girl, take it and eat it on the side.”

Hu Niu began to drool, and snorted. “You think food can tempt Niu?”

Then why are you drooling!

Wen Yi Jian laughed and said, “This little girl is quite interesting, whose kid is it?”

Everyone looked at him sympathetically. This little girl’s bite was the battle prowess of twenty stars Flower Blossom Tier—why don’t’ you try?

Xiu , Hu Niu leapt out, firing a punch at Wen Yi Jian.


Ling Han was slightly shocked; Hu Niu broke through and was at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier!