Destroyer of Ice and Fire

Alternative Names:冰火破坏神

Genre:Xuanhuan, School Life, Fantasy, Shounen, Action, Adventure

Authors:Innocent, 无罪



As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.

Chapter 317 Chapter 318 Chapter 319 Chapter 320 Chapter 321 Chapter 322 Chapter 323 Chapter 324 Chapter 325 Chapter 326 Chapter 327 Chapter 328 Chapter 329 Chapter 330 Chapter 331: After the Fight, Independent Training and Becoming the Strongest Meat Shield Chapter 332: King of Sudden Attack, Fighting One Against Many! Chapter 333: Chris’ Path, A Plan to Kill Two Birds with One Stone Chapter 334: Monster of Vengeance Chapter 335: Competition Containing Rewards and Elimination Chapter 336: Heart of Fury, A Bestial Roar Chapter 337: Jean Camus’ Reques Chapter 338: Coming Out of the Shell! Departure, Towards the Decisive Battle of Three Powers! Chapter 339: Lotton’s Choice, the Seventh Member Chapter 340: A Grand History, A Mighty Corps Chapter 341: The First Challenge Chapter 342: Breaking Through Piece by Piece Chapter 343: An Individual Battle, Moss’ Crisis! Chapter 344: The First to Emerge, Ayrin Chapter 345: A Giant Who Never Gives Up! Chapter 346: The Third and The Fourth Chapter 347: Finally, Just Chris Chapter 348: A Team of Monsters Chapter 349: Limit Surpassing Battlefield Chapter 350: Black Ayrin Chapter 351: Body Surpassing Consciousness Chapter 352: Searching For A Path to Victory! Chapter 353: Monsters Who Learn From Each Other Chapter 354: Three and Three Chapter 355: Burning Blood and Spiri Chapter 356: Learning on the Fly Chapter 357: Constantly Growing Youths Chapter 358: Alarms Outside the Barracks Chapter 359: Unbelievable Resentmen Chapter 360: Linking Domains, Overwhelming Fists and Fee Chapter 361: House Baratheon’s Strongest Arcane Team Chapter 362: A Moment One Must Bear Chapter 363: A Curious Metal Figure Chapter 364: Metal with a Will Chapter 365: A Marvelous Image Chapter 366: Merlin's Sadness