(TL: This is not a chapter, or an extra or anything. It is just the author responding to an influx of complaints. Here is his take on the matter.)


I think you for all the comments and pointing out the typos.

As you can see by the title, this is about the power relations of dragoon often discussed in the comment section.

It seems quite a few people have their dissatisfactions with so many people stronger than Rudel coming out, but this was something previously planned, and I have no plans to change it.

(TL: The following are responses to specific comments)

When Rudel beat Lilim in his student days, it’s strange that he’s not able to win

About this question, Lilim has some expectations placed on her, but she has never been depicted to be particularly strong within the dragoons.

She has a large amount of mana, and as a long lived elf, there are many hoping to see how she’ll grow. Lilim is still one of the younger ones.

The reason Cattelya recognized Lilim was for her capability to contract a wild dragon, and when Rudel won, it was after Lilim took on five opponents, and then Cattleya. Rudel was also pushed to the brink of death.

Is strength about raising levels?

It is definitely written he’s lacking in experience, while Rudel did experience some real battles in his student days, he does not have the same level of experience as the people who do it for a living.

I question the reason for the existence of an academy that wastes five years and only mass produces pieces of junk.

I think this question is comparing the academy to a modern military academy, but with both noble and commoner students attending freely, and everyone’s academic level to that point largely varied, the academy in this work’s purpose is to bring all students up to a set level.

It’s not only a place to rear military officers, it also raises civil officials.

As they raise youths of a certain bearing, the teaching staff tends to hire people prioritizing looking after kids rather than pure ability.

It’s strange he can’t beat Bennet.

I repent on my failure of depiction.

But Bennet’s standing existed from the start, and while it has been stated in the main story, the knack she’s talking about is only something built up from the basics.

Bennet’s strengths are slanted, but it’s not as if she’s particularly weak. She’s only weak when compared to Rudel, and from the eyes of a single knight, she’s on monster level.

The power balance of the new characters is strange.

There is no plan to change this from the initial storyboard.

Any more would be a spoiler, but Rudel’s final level of strength is already decided. This was written with that as a basis, but if it reads as a strange balance, then that’s my fault as the author.

However, if you’ll permit an excuse, between a student, and one who does exhausting work every day and actually fights for a living, I cannot think the later would be weaker.

Rudel is strong, but that is a strength deviating from the framework of the academy, and there are stronger people beyond its walls.

That was the sort of story I wanted to write, but if so many felt off put by it, then that is a fault of my own lack of abilities. I am deeply repentant.