Chapter 101: Miss Li Wanted To See You More

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When Xia Ning came out, she finally saw Qiao Yu. Director Li and Producer Feng were with him.

As she looked over, Qiao Yu happened to see her as well.

The two caught each other’s eyes but Xia Ning moved her eyes away immediately. She darted a glance at Li Shanshan who was standing close to him playing naive.

Of course, wherever Qiao Yu was, the atmosphere would be bad. She decided to go directly to the filming area.

“Ay, Xia Ning! Come, here!” Director Li waved to her and shouted, “President Qiao is here. Why don’t you come over and say hi?”

Xia Ning who was suddenly being called felt very upset. Didn’t Director Li absolutely hate this kind of business people who only cared about money? But he seemed way too nice to Qiao Yu.

There were so many people here so she would just pretend she did not hear him.

“I think Miss Xia might not welcome me here.” Qiao Yu’s cold voice sounded.

Why the heck would I welcome you! Xia Ning stopped her steps and stared at Qiao Yu immediately with a little anger in her eyes. Was he so crazy that he had to come all the way to pick on her?

“Xia Ning is very serious about acting. This girl is also very polite and never ingratiates herself with anyone. She is a very rare talent. See, she’s thinking about her scenes even when she’s walking!” Director Li said with a smile. He was thinking even more highly of Xia Ning in his heart.

Ignoring a wealthy bachelor like Qiao Yu, Xia Ning was definitely born for art!

Xia Ning did not know she gained another point in Director Li’s heart. She walked to Qiao Yu and said with a fake smile, “President Qiao, how are you?”

“Looks like Miss Xia does not want to see me?” Qiao Yu stared at her with a pair of ink-like eyes.

Xia Ning twitched her eyebrows at once. So did he really want to start this with her?! Of course she did not want to see him! She wanted to just ignore him!

The other people around her looked at Xia Ning as if she was stupid. So President Qiao is talking to you. You should be responding nicely, instead of showing attitude. Retarded!

Last time, she was almost hit by a camera and President Qiao saved her. But look at her attitude towards President Qiao. No wonder President Qiao would be unhappy.

Xia Ning looked clever but now it seemed she had something missing in her brain too.

“Xia Ning, look at you. Last time, President Qiao helped you out of kindness. Even if you do not want to thank him, you shouldn’t be avoiding him when you see him. To those who don’t know, they would think he upset you somehow.” Li Shanshan on the side reminded her ‘kindly’. She then looked at Qiao Yu. “President Qiao, don’t be mad. Xia Ning has just debuted and she knows nothing about manners.”

Li Shanshan felt very pleased. Before, when President Qiao saved Xia Ning, she thought they had some kind of a relationship. Now it did not look that way at all. Huh, how could some frivolous woman like Xia Ning be good enough for President Qiao?!

Qiao Yu glanced over at Li Shanshan with unspeakable sullenness in his eyes.

Everyone around thought Qiao Yu was really upset and was worried about Xia Ning.

This Xia Ning was weird enough though. This was her chance to get connected with President Qiao. But she was able to upset him like this.

Xia Ning shot a look at Li Shanshan. Why was she always trying to make things worse? Last time, Qiao Yu had not given her face. Did she already forget about it? A dog would always want to eat sh*t and the sh*t was coming for her so fast.

“In fact, President Qiao took me wrong. Compared to me, Miss Li wanted to see you more. How would I dare to interrupt you?” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu and said with a smile, “If President Qiao does not have anything else, I will go do my job. Miss Li will accompany you.”

Li Shanshan heard that and her face showed arrogance. Good thing she knew her place. She looked as if she was the senior one. “Xia Ning, you should work hard and not let President Qiao down.”

Everyone looked at Li Shanshan as if she was crazy. Who did not know President Qiao thought nothing of her? Xia Ning was obviously teasing her so why did she look so proud?

Only Director Li looked at Qiao Yu and thought, what did he do to be disliked by Xia Ning this much?

Qiao Yu looked at her turning around and leaving without any hesitation. Something occurred to him suddenly and his lips curled.