Chapter 102: Not Compatible

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The next scene involved Xia Ning and Lu Chuan. Li Shanshan’s was the next. Therefore, she had time to hang around Qiao Yu.

Qiao Yu sat next to Director Li and looked at the camera. Occasionally, he would communicate to Director Li with his observations.

“President Qiao, your chair doesn’t look comfortable. You can have my cushion.” Li Shanshan handed her cushion to Qiao Yu as if it was a treasure.

Qiao Yu glanced at her and frowned. He said to Producer Feng next to him, “Did you get a waitress here?”

“…” Li Shanshan was caught by surprise. What did President Qiao’s words mean?

Producer Feng was also confused for a second but then he remembered what President Qiao said when he saw Li Shanshan last time. He explained, “Miss Li is a supporting actress in this show. Last time we mentioned it but maybe you forgot.”

“Hmm.” Qiao Yu nodded. He looked at Xia Ning and Lu Chuan acting on the set and did not speak any further.

Li Shanshan stared at the handsome man in front of her and her mood was destroyed. What the heck? He had been in gossips with her for so long and the Elevator Gate incident was all over the Internet. Not to mention, he gave her attitude last time. Yet he still did not know who she was?

How could she, the national goddess, look like a waitress?

Producer Feng frowned upon Li Shanshan. This Li Shanshan was really not good at reading people’s faces. Obviously, President Qiao did not like her but she was still throwing herself at him.

“Miss Li, your scene is coming up. Don’t worry about this kind of waitresses’ jobs.”

Li Shanshan was infuriated by his words, but Qiao Yu was here. She did not dare to let her anger out and had to leave.

Because she lost her baby and the emperor had someone new by his side, Weiyang was a bit disappointed. She ran into Prince Qi while walking in the palace garden.

“It’s windy here, Dame should be inside.” Prince Qi looked at the person who was looking at the flowers and said calmly.

“And crying? Is Prince making fun of my powerlessness?” Weiyang picked up a flower and smiled at Prince Qi. “No flower is in bloom forever. Isn’t that always true for the palace? There’s nothing I need to be concerned about.”

Prince Qi looked at the smile on Weiyang’s face and suddenly moved his eyes away. “True, this is the palace. Empress Dowager Yu is not feeling well recently. Dame, you should go visit her if you have time.” As he spoke he nodded and left directly.

Weiyang saw his vanishing back and her eyes trembled slightly. All of a sudden, she covered her mouth and coughed and her face turned even paler.

“Let’s go!”

“Cut! Good! Take ten.” Director Li stood up and waved to Xia Ning and the group. Then he turned around and said to Qiao Yu, “President Qiao, see, this is our leading actress Xia Ning. Her acting is impeccable.”

Qiao Yu nodded. “Yup.”

“That Lu Chuan was doing a good job too. He and Xia Ning are working well together.”

Qiao Yu glanced at Xia Ning and Lu Chuan who were talking and joking. His eyebrows moved a little and his face paled somehow. “So so.”

Director Li took a look at Qiao Yu and asked suddenly, “President Qiao, did you know Xia Ning from before?”

Qiao Yu took his gaze back and replied coldly, “No.”

“Then why does she become so upset every time she sees you? Maybe you two just aren’t compatible.” Director Li laughed and pointed to the two not too far away. “You see, she always has a smiling face to others. To be honest, they look pretty good together. Even though they are new to acting, they both work very hard and have good acting skills. Maybe I could be Cupid once and do some matchmaking.”

Qiao Yu frowned. Was her hatred for him that obvious? He followed Director Li’s eyes and looked over and happened to see Lu Chuan helping Xia Ning wipe off sweat with a handkerchief. His face turned sulky immediately.