Chapter 103: The Jealousy

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“No need. I can do it myself.” Xia Ning stepped back and smiled at Lu Chuan.

Lu Chuan looked at her somewhat helplessly. “We are friends now. You don’t need to be so polite.” As he spoke, he passed the handkerchief to her.

Xia Ning took it and wiped her forehead. She said with a smile, “Because we are friends, I don’t want to get you in trouble. It’s not like you don’t know about all the gossips happening around me.”

“What’s with that Young Master Gao?” Lu Chuan asked, “The friend you mentioned yesterday was him?”

“He was my schoolmate. He happened to be here so we had dinner together.” Xia Ning said calmly and walked over to the rest area to sit down.

“The media nowadays likes to make things up. You’d better be careful in the future.” Lu Chuan frowned, his face looking serious. He was planning to sit down next to her but Zheng Haodong happened to come as well.

“Is our rising star done with memorizing the lines?” Lu Chuan looked at Zheng Haodong ironically. “Don’t tell me it will NG again later.”

Zheng Haodong frowned and did not pay attention to Lu Chuan. Instead, he said to Xia Ning, “Xia Ning, could you walk me through the lines.”

Xia Ning looked back at Zheng Haodong and nodded. “Of course.”

“Xia Ning…” Lu Chuan was a bit upset.

Xia Ning smiled at Lu Chuan and said, “Well, you are done for the day. Go back early and get some rest.”

Lu Chuan took a look at Xia Ning and then at Zheng Haodong. “Our rising star needs to be more serious. It would not sound good if you are always a drag for a junior actress.” As he spoke, he turned around and left.

“Brother Zheng, don’t get mad. Lu Chuan…” Xia Ning explained.

Zheng Haodong shook his head. “It’s okay. I know he is not happy with me.”

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong and said with a smile, “Then, thank you, Brother Zheng, for your kindness.”

“I’m not that kind. It’s just because I promised you.” Zheng Haodong looked back at Xia Ning with his deep eyes.

Noticing his change in mood, Xia Ning’s eyes moved. She tilted her head and smiled. “I thought Brother Lu is really suitable for the show. He fits the role of Prince Qi very well.”

Zheng Haodong also put on a smile. “Yeah, his acting is good.” He went silent for a second and then continued, “Du Wenxiu using drugs was amplified by Yan Dong for publicity. I knew about it. I am not as detached as you have in mind.”

“I know.” Xia Ning replied with a smile. “Being in the circle, everyone would have some helpless moments.”

Seeing the calm and peaceful woman next to him, Zheng Haodong’s eyes were smiling. “Thank you.”

On the other side, Qiao Yu was looking at the two people who were talking and laughing. His handsome face turned dark. It was Lu Chuan before and now Zheng Haodong. She didn’t even take a break!

“Everyone is working hard. Get someone to send them food and drinks every day. Especially for the leading talents.”

Chen Hong took a look at Boss and nodded. “Yes, Sir!” He turned around and saw Xia Ning who was talking to people with a smile and immediately understood where the order was coming from.

Food could be occupying the mouth so Miss Xia wouldn’t be able to talk that much to others.

Boss could be really possessive.

Xia Ning did not take the snacks from Chen Hong but she replied politely, “I am on a diet. Thank you.” Then she continued to go through the script with Zheng Haodong.

Zheng Haodong said the same thing.

Qiao Yu saw the two sitting together over there, his mood turned even sulkier.

But Li Shanshan’s mood went up quite a bit. President Qiao was giving everyone snacks, including her. Did that mean President Qiao remembered who she was?

Then she must act well later. Since President Qiao did not like Xia Ning, stepping on Xia Ning could attract more attention from President Qiao.