Chapter 104: The Fall

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The next scene was Weiyang and Dame Yu’s first encounter and everything happened in the empress’s Fengzao Palace.

After Weiyang’s full recovery, she went to Fengzao Palace to greet the empress for the first time in a long time.

“Consort Yue, this is Dame Yu who just got in the palace. You might not have met her yet.” The empress said to Weiyang with a smile.

Dame Yu stood up and smiled at Weiyang. She bent down slightly. “Nice meeting you, Sister. I’ve heard that Sister has been recovering but I didn’t have the chance to visit. It’s my bad. But His Highness said Sister is the kindest to others. You won’t be mad at me, right?”

“Sister, you are too kind.” Weiyang said calmly, “As long as Sister can serve His Highness well.”

Dame Yu walked over and handed the teacup on Weiyang’s desk to her. “Sister, if you drink this tea from me, I can truly believe that Sister forgives me.”

Weiyang looked at the tea and smiled slightly. “Dame Yu, you are too nice. Both you and I are His Highness’s concubines. Our job is to serve His Highness. This tea should be for Her Highness as she has been working very hard to keep everything in order in the palace. We should be grateful to her.” As she spoke, she stood up and took over the teacup from a maid, ready to serve it to the empress.

Suddenly, someone’s foot reached out. Weiyang lost her balance. Bam! The cup fell to the ground, and her whole body fell as well.

“Sister, watch out!” Dame Yu cried. All of a sudden her steps went unstable and fell with Weiyang.

“Cut! Li Shanshan, what’s the matter?!” Director Li said out loud, looking at Li Shanshan with discontent. Just now, Xia Ning’s fall was perfectly carried out. What was wrong with her?

Qiao Yu was looking at his documents. He was interrupted by Director Li’s shout and looked over. Seeing Xia Ning lying down in a bunch of scattered pieces of glass, he frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Before Chen Hong could explain, Director Li said on the side, “This scene is Weiyang being tripped by Dame Yu and almost getting disfigured.”

Scattered teacup? Disfiguring? Qiao Yu’s face changed and stood up immediately. But someone moved faster than him.

“Xia Ning, are you okay?” Zheng Haodong helped Xia Ning up. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

Xia Ning turned to Zheng Haodong and asked, “Did it pass?”

“Not for this one.” Zheng Haodong saw her face somewhat pale and asked with worry, “What’s wrong? Did it hurt somewhere?”

Xia Ning rubbed her knees and shook her head. “No worries. I got tripped all of a sudden just now. My knees hurt a little from the fall onto the ground.”

Zheng Haodong heard that and frowned even more. He glanced at Li Shanshan who got up with her assistant’s help. “Didn’t the director say no need to really trip and the scene could be done by switching camera views?”

“Maybe Miss Li wanted it to be more realistic.” Xia Ning pulled Zheng Haodong aside. “It’s okay. It’s nothing. I can do it again.”

Li Shanshan saw that Xia Ning did not get cut anywhere and was a bit upset. So many pieces and she still did not get hurt. That was some luck.

Zheng Haodong looked at Li Shanshan coldly. “Miss Li better be careful. If you lose your thoughts during filming, it would lead to very bad mistakes.”

Xia Ning looked at Zheng Haodong and shook her head. “Don’t worry, Brother Zheng. I’m sure Miss Li didn’t do it on purpose.” She darted a look at Li Shanshan. She definitely did it on purpose but it couldn’t be this simple.

Li Shanshan saw some blood from her own injury and cried out suddenly, “Blood, blood, ah!” She felt dizzy and fell onto the ground directly.

“Sister Shanshan, Sister Shanshan.” Her assistant yelled loudly. But Li Shanshan had already passed out.