Chapter 105: A Forced Kiss

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Everyone then noticed the blood on Li Shanshan’s arm. The corner of her costume also had some on it. She might have gotten hurt by the scattered cup just now.

Producer Feng found some medical staff immediately. The cut itself was not that big but Li Shanshan had blood phobia. Since the filming could not be continued today for sure, they just took her away.

Zheng Haodong saw Li Shanshan and the group leaving and said to Xia Ning, “You need to be careful. This Li Shanshan is not really a good person.”

It was all arranged and there was no need to trip Xia Ning for real but Li Shanshan did it anyway. If it was not for Xia Ning’s good luck, the one who had gotten hurt would be Xia Ning.

If she was a bit unlucky and cut her face like in the show, then the result would really be unimaginable.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be easily taken advantage of.” Xia Ning blinked at Zheng Haodong.

Xia Ning’s vivacity made Zheng Haodong laugh. He could not help but tap on her head. “Better be safe than sorry.”

Xia Ning was surprised by Zheng Haodong’s sudden action. After a long while, she came back to herself and said to him with a smile, “Brother Zheng is like my older brother.”

Zheng Haodong heard that and stopped for a second. He then smiled and continued, “Really? That would be my honor. Let’s go and take a break. I guess we will have to do other scenes. Li Shanshan is really killing us.”

Xia Ning smiled and followed Zheng Haodong to the rest area.

Not too far away, Qiao Yu’s face was very dark. Well, good job rescuing the damsel in distress! And she really bought it!

“If the actresses and actors were all that unprofessional, it’s better to change them sooner.” Qiao Yu said to Producer Feng coldly.

Producer Feng did not know why this Buddha got mad. He agreed immediately but deep down he was cursing Li Shanshan for being so troublesome.

The next scenes all skipped Li Shanshan’s part. Xia Ning went through them quickly and Zheng Haodong was getting back to himself too.

When Lu Qing brought Wen Jing back, she mentioned to them about Li Shanshan getting hurt. Lu Qing and Wen Jing felt very much avenged. It would be even better if the cut destroyed her face!

And then Xia Ning realized that Qiao Yu was gone. Good thing he was not here. Even better if he never showed up in front of her anymore.

When the night scenes were done, Zheng Haodong suggested going out for food. Since there was still heat on her scandals with Gao Yang, she said no.

True, she did not want any other innocent people to be involved in her scandals.

When she opened Weibo, Xia Ning saw the comments under her posts, still talking about the rumors about her and Gao Yang.

LemonLoveLemon, “Must be the immoral media talking nonsense again. I don’t see you two looking good together. Think only the bossy president type is suitable for you. Otherwise, it always feels like you are with a kid.”

One&OnlyTrueLove, “Lemon, even if you are actually with Young Master Gao, what’s wrong with it? I will support you no matter what.”

Heheheheda, “Xia Ning’s speed of getting a fuerdai is really faster than we could imagine…”

CupidsKiss, “The commenter above doesn’t know how to talk. I suggest you go back to primary school and learn better.”

Xia Ning turned off her phone and exhaled. She walked forward along a stone bridge.

She did not look good with Gao Yang so who should be the one that she looked good with? Bossy presidents, huh! She tilted her head and looked at the river down below her.

There was no relationship in the world that could be determined just by feelings. Someone might look suitable but in the end, he was never in your world all this time.

“What are you doing here by yourself?” A low voice sounded suddenly.

Xia Ning turned her head and saw the tall figure moving towards her. His face slowly turned clear between the light and the shadows.

“Ziming was right. You are like an annoying ghost.”

Her voice had some irony in it. He had been showing up so much recently that it might be more than the time she saw him in a year back then.

His steps suddenly stopped. He stared at her face. “Do you hate to see me this much? Who would you rather see? Zheng Haodong? Lu Chuan?”

“That’s my business. What does it have to do with you!” Xia Ning sneered and wanted to leave at once.

Qiao Yu stepped up and grabbed her hand.

Xia Ning moved her hand and struggle. She yelled in anger, “Let me go!”

Qiao Yu grabbed her arm and pulled her into his arms.

The sudden hit into a hard chest made Xia Ning angry. She waved her arms and shouted out loud, “Qiao Yu, what are you…” Before she could finish her sentence, she felt something warm on her lips. Her eyes were wide open, staring at the enlarged handsome face near her.