Chapter 106: Asking For Remarriage

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The night wind was blowing around her ears. His scent overwhelmed her from everywhere, his hands on her waist. The heat reached to her entire body through his lips and she almost felt suffocated.

Pak! A crisp sound broke the silence of the night.

Xia Ning raised her arm to wipe her lips with the sleeves. She looked at Qiao Yu with disgust. “Are you crazy? Spring is over and you are still in heat 1 ?”

So unbelievable. Was his Zodiac the dog?

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning’s movements and his face did not look good, either from the slap or her words.

“We kissed before!”

Xia Ning glared at him. Could this be the same? Where did he get the courage to be so straightforward?

After a dozen times of wiping, Xia Ning felt the corners of her lips almost breaking skin before she stopped. She looked at the perpetrator in anger. “If you really want to sleep with someone, there are a lot of women waiting for you.”

Qiao Yu’s entire face went black. He looked at her coldly. “Say that again!”

Catching Qiao Yu’s sulky eyes, Xia Ning’s heart skipped a beat. She moved her eyes away and sneered. “How many women would kill to get the title of Mrs. Qiao? President Qiao can get any type of women you want. You can even have a different woman in bed every day for a year.”

What has this woman been learning all these years? How could she say something like this out loud?

Qiao Yu’s coldness suddenly became even more overwhelming. He looked at her with horrifying eyes, making Xia Ning very nervous.

All of a sudden, he curled his lips. “You are jealous.”

Xia Ning opened her lips and looked at Qiao Yu as if he was being funny. “Did you forget to bring your medicine with you today? Why would I be jealous?”

“You are.” Qiao Yu looked at her confidently.

Just now, she used Li Shanshan to disgust him and provoke him. She must have been jealous.

Xia Ning rolled her eyes at him. He used to be very strong-handed and bossy. When did he become so narcissistic? She was too lazy to pay attention to him.

“What’s the matter with that Zheng Haodong and Lu Chuan?” Qiao Yu asked out of the blue.

“What does me making friends have to do with you!” Xia Ning darted a look at him and seemed confused.

Qiao Yu’s face went ugly. “Stay away from them.”

“Hey, President Qiao, who are you to ask me to do that? The investor? I don’t think the investors have that kind of power.” Xia Ning looked at Qiao Yu in a funny way. “If it was for Enoch, I think it’s better to just let it be. Because one day I will get married and you will get married. It’s better to prepare him when he’s young.”

“What if I say, I want Enoch to be living with his biological mum and dad?”

“What?” Xia Ning thought she heard him wrong.

“I meant…” Qiao Yu continued.

“Wait. Hold on a sec!” Xia Ning interrupted him directly and pulled out her phone to make a call. “Gao Yang, something is wrong with your cousin. He’s at the Grand North Bridge.”

Qiao Yu face turned dark at once. He glared at Xia Ning across him.

Xia Ning turned off her phone and glanced at Qiao Yu. “Your cousin’s going to be here soon. I won’t accompany you.” As she spoke, she turned around and wanted to leave.

“Don’t you want money?” Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning’s back and asked all of a sudden.

Xia Ning ignored him and continued moving forward.

“Name your price.”

“How much do you think you can pay me to make me go away?”

“I will pay you ten million.”

“Qiao Yu is worth more than a hundred billion, and you are only paying me ten million? Do you think you are talking to a homeless person? It can’t be less than a hundred million… US dollars.”

The voices of the two were even clearer in a quiet night. One belonged to Gao Yang and the other was Xia Ning’s.

Xia Ning turned around suddenly and looked at the man behind her. He was holding his phone and playing this recording. Her eyes changed. Gao Yang did a good job cutting the recording and making her sound like a snobbish woman.

She turned around and wanted to leave. This was even better. He hated her. So he would not show up in front of her again.

“If you want money, marry me again. You can have half of mine.” The low voice of the man sounded suddenly.