Chapter 107: Your Brother Is Sick!

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Remarry him, and share his fortune?

Xia Ning stopped her steps and sneered. She took out her phone again and called.

“Gao Yang, come here fast. Your cousin is very sick. Get him to a mental hospital.”

She finished her words, turned around and waved her phone at Qiao Yu, completely ignoring his bad face. “President Qiao, wait for your cousin here. You seem very sick. Don’t run around. I gotta go.” Before Qiao Yu could speak, she walked to the side of the road and jumped into a taxi.

Qiao Yu stood there with a sulky face and a deep frown. What kind of attitude was this? Didn’t she believe what he said?

After about five minutes, a black Maybach stopped along the curb.

Gao Yang rushed out of the car and ran to Qiao Yu. “Bro, what happened?”

Xia Ning’s call surprised him. He was curious why she would call her and did not expect her to be with his brother.

He looked around and Xia Ning was already gone.

“Bro, what happened?” Gao Yang looked at Qiao Yu and asked curiously.

Qiao Yu walked to his car.

Seeing Qiao Yu’s unpleasant face, Gao Yang followed and said, “Bro, is Xia Ning chasing you? I knew her words were not trustworthy. But didn’t you hear the recording? Why would you still pay attention to her?”

“Gao Yang!” Qiao Yu suddenly stopped his steps and looked at the man in front of him. He warned, “You should not be getting between me and her. This will be the last time.”

“I don’t understand, Brother!” Gao Yang shouted out loud, “What’s good about a snobbish woman like her?”

Qiao Yu pulled a long face and opened the car door. He darted a glance at Gao Yang. “Clear your gossips tomorrow with the media. This happened because of you so you should be the one to fix it.”

Gao Yang was a bit unwilling, but Qiao Yu did not even give him the chance to say no. Looking at the car getting farther and farther away, he rolled his eyes with his arms akimbo.

He did not like Xia Ning before, and all of a sudden he was falling for her? What was wrong with him?

When Xia Ning got in the taxi, her face turned bad immediately. How dare he say that? Remarry him?

He definitely said that just to humiliate her. As if she wanted so much to be with him.

“Miss, may I ask, are you Xia Ning?” The taxi driver asked in a low voice.

Xia Ning contained her facial expression and looked to the man in the front. She said with a smile, “Really? Someone said I looked like her before.”

“Oh, really?” The driver replied and continued, “Were you having a fight with your boyfriend?”

Xia Ning wanted to say no but she was interrupted immediately.

The driver shook his head and sighed. “Nowadays, young people are very impulsive. Is there anything that cannot be discussed on the table?”

Xia Ning did not talk. Staring out of the window, her eyes were flashing with the changing of the lights. Her thoughts went away.

“I’ve signed the papers. You are free now. But I still want to ask you, have you ever loved me, even a little bit?”

“Do you think this is a meaningful question now?”

“Maybe all women are like this. Even if they can’t save the relationship, they still want to leave some trace in the other person’s heart. It was an abrupt question. I am very sorry to have caused you so much trouble in our marriage in the past year.”

“I didn’t find them to be troublesome.”

“Sure, I understand. I’ve never been in your heart. Nevertheless, lesson learned. Thank you.”

On that day, he cut all her concerns with his own hands. And after the desperation came her new life.