Chapter 108: Gao Yang’s Clarification

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The next morning, the news came out.

In the video, Gao Yang was surrounded by a lot of reporters on his way back to the hotel.

“Young Master Gao, are you in a relationship with actress Xia Ning? Some reporter took photos of you having dinner together!”

Gao Yang laughed. “If having dinner together means you have to be a couple, then I really have a lot of girlfriends.”

“So can Young Master Gao tell us what your relationship is with Xia Ning then?”

Gao Yang looked at the reporter in surprise. “Don’t you know that Xia Ning and I graduated from the same school?” He laughed. “I came to J City for business. I heard Xia Ning was filming here, so I took her out for dinner. Is that wrong? You media people are really getting into too many things.”

The Internet blew up immediately.

“Shoot, they were obviously just schoolmates. You reporters really need to find better things to do. Gossips!”

“Told you so. The two did not look right together.”

“Am I the only one who noticed that our Lemon graduated from Cambridge? Impressive!”

“Yeah yeah, so our Lemon is a straight-A student! Hey, teach me!”

Xia Ning and Gao Yang were doing nothing flirtatious in the leaked photos at all, and they left one after another. Plus Gao Yang’s explanation, the gossips were cleared very soon.

But Xia Ning’s Weibo comments came in like crazy. Many students came to ask for study tips and wanted to become a good student like her.

Xia Ning revealed her education background under the agency’s request. Graduating from a world-famous school was something to catch people’s eyes for an actress.

But not many people paid attention back then. She certainly did not expect to be gaining attention from many people online after Gao Yang’s words.

Of course, any actress who was somehow related to fuerdais would get attention easily. Xia Ning was a bit wordless. Did she get popular thanks to Gao Yang?

Xia Ning posted her first Weibo recently, “If being a straight-A student means having to study for 14 hours a day, please someone take it from me! [yawn]”

She got replies immediately.

LemonLoveLemon, “Lemon is so hardworking. xoxo.”

SkySkySkyBlue, “Don’t be jealous and go to bed. Good brains can’t be obtained from jealousy.”

DingDingDingDong, “Who knows if the education is real. Unless you dare to post your diploma. Don’t the actresses and actors nowadays like to title themselves as talented graduates from so and so schools?”

MortalHeart, “What’s wrong with the commenter above? Talking trash while hiding in a dark corner. If you are so good, why don’t you post your diploma for us to see?”

She got more than a thousand comments in a short time. Xia Ning turned off her phone and felt confused. Gao Yang seemed to be helping her, but he should just be trying to clear his relationship with her.

“Xia Ning, your turn is coming up.” A staff shouted from not too far away.

“Sure, coming!” Xia Ning gave her phone to Wen Jing on the side and walked into the set immediately.

Many people were looking at Xia Ning with admiration. Not only was she good-looking, but she also got good acting skills and a good education background with a fuerdai schoolmate. That was more than most people could ask for.

Li Shanshan did not come today, so all her scenes were postponed.

After the scene was done, Zheng Haodong walked to Xia Ning and said with a smile, “My goodness, you were good at studying.”

Xia Ning folded her sleeves and chuckled. “I was not as good as you think. I’ve got British nationality, so it was not as difficult to get into Cambridge.”

“British nationality? Are you mixed?” Zheng Haodong looked at Xia Ning with surprise.

Xia Ning explained, “I was born in China, and went to England later.”


Xia Ning paused for a second and her eyes dimmed. She replied, “When I was young, my mum passed away. I did not have anyone to rely on and had to go back to my grandpa’s place.”

Zheng Haodong realized he touched Xia Ning’s sore spot. He apologized immediately, “I’m sorry!”

“It’s nothing!” Xia Ning smiled without any burden.

“So why did you come back again?” Zheng Haodong asked. With her education background, she should be able to find better jobs than being stuck in the entertainment circle.

Xia Ning smiled, her eyes filled with emotion that he could not understand. “Maybe I missed home, so I came back.”