Chapter 109: Li Shanshan’s Revenge

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Zheng Haodong tapped her on the shoulder and sighed, “Those who are gone are gone. The ones alive should cherish their lives more.”

Xia Ning tilted her head and looked at him with a smile. “Thank you, Brother Zheng.”

Seeing her bright smile with her light perfume, Zheng Haodong was lost for a second. Her smile etched deeper and clearer in his mind.

“The next scene is starting soon. Brother Zheng, let’s get ready.”

Xia Ning’s voice sounded. Zheng Haodong came back to himself and stopped for a second before he replied, “Sure.”

Li Shanshan took three days off. The reason was that her neck was cut by the scattered pieces and she had to get a few stitches.

Director Li was not happy about it, but he could not force the injured to come to work. So he kept moving her scenes back.

When the scenes about the empress and Weiyang’s fake friendship was done, Cui Meng stopped Xia Ning.

“Li Shanshan did not come today.”

Xia Ning looked at her with confusion. “Yeah, she asked for a leave.”

Cui Meng walked to her and looked at her with her head tilted. “Don’t you think Li Shanshan is being too quiet this time?”

“I don’t understand what Sister Cui is talking about.” Xia Ning said calmly.

“The reason why Li Shanshan became this popular now, is because of her face and publicity stunts. She is the kind of women who have big breasts but very little brain.” Cui Meng looked at Xia Ning and sighed, “But this kind of women are the most dangerous sometimes, as they are stupid and are not afraid of showing it.”

Xia Ning smiled and said, “Thanks Sister Cui for the reminder. I’m getting ready for the next scene. Got to go now.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s back, Cui Meng’s assistant walked over to Cui Meng and said, “Sister Cui, why are you reminding Xia Ning?”

Cui Meng darted a look at her. “You think Li Shanshan is a match for her? Don’t be naive. Li Shanshan is a vase and this kind of women are all over the entertainment circle. But Xia Ning is like a cup of flower tea, beautiful, charming with an attractive scent. Any man who is somewhat knowledgeable would know whom to pick.”

The assistant looked at Cui Meng with confusion. Why couldn’t she understand what she was talking about?

Cui Meng was secretly happy for not going against Xia Ning in the beginning. Otherwise, she would probably be done like Qi Le!

Yes, Qi Le’s career was finished. That was a known secret in the circle. It was said that she offended some big name. Who that big name was, no one knew. But she had her own guess!

When it was afternoon, Xia Ning’s work was done. As she was getting to leave, she got a call from Lu Qing.

“Xia Ning, don’t reply on Weibo. Li Shanshan’s fans are nuts. The agency will take care of this. You should go back to the hotel now.”

Xia Ning hung up and opened Weibo. Tens of thousands of comments.

“I’ve never seen such a wicked woman like you. You are jealous of our Shanshan’s beauty so you used such despicable means!”

“Xia Ning, get out of the entertainment circle!”

“It was that close to our Shanshan’s throat. This is almost murder!”

“Police! Catch this murderer!”

The comment area was flooded by this kind of comments. Xia Ning went straight to Li Shanshan’s Weibo to see her newest post.

Li ShanshanV: Got hurt a little on set. Don’t worry! [pic]

The picture was a close-up of Li Shanshan’s injury. It was below her neck and covered by medical gauze.

The comments below were all from her fans. Many were cursing Xia Ning. The reason why Xia Ning was involved, was because someone revealed that Xia Ning did this to Li Shanshan on purpose on the set.

And Li Shanshan’s manager’s Weibo was adding oil to fire.

XinghuangEntertainmentHongYangV, “God is watching what you are doing. Karma will get you sooner or later. Somebody, don’t get too happy too early.”