Chapter 110: Reporters Are Here

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Li Shanshan’s fans on the Internet were all after Xia Ning. Some even said they were going to the police.

If it were her who was unlucky enough to crash on the scattered pieces of glass, would anyone pity her?! Xia Ning turned off her phone, looking cold.

How Li Shanshan got hurt, she knew better than anyone else.

“Sister Xia Ning, there are a lot of reporters outside. Let’s get going. Xiaosheng’s car is waiting outside.” Wen Jing caught Xia Ning’s hand and said in a rush.

Xia Ning saw Wen Jing’s worry on her face and wanted to say something. But then she thought it was not necessary. She nodded and said, “Sure.”

Just as they stepped out of the set, a large number of reporters surrounded them.

Xia Ning frowned. Good news never leaves the door while the bad ones travel fast. These reporters were like annoying ghosts, hard to get rid of.

“Xia Ning, is it true on the Internet regarding Li Shanshan getting hurt?”

“It is said that you two don’t get along…”

“Xia Ning, don’t go…”

Wen Jing helped Xia Ning to get in the car and shut the door, and finally felt relieved.

Xiaosheng started driving immediately and left the reporters behind. They could not go back to the previous hotel, so they needed to find another place.

“Sister Xia Ning, don’t take it seriously. It will be cleared very soon.” Wen Jing said to Xia Ning who was next to her.

Xia Ning looked towards the front and asked suddenly, “Did Li Shanshan pay you the money?”

“Huh?” Wen Jing could not process the information for a second. When she realized, she almost wanted to stomp her feet. “Sister Xia Ning, do you know what is happening now? Are you still in the mood to care about that?”

No wonder Sister Qing always said that every time something happened to Xia Ning, she was never the most worried one. Sister Xia Ning was way too cool about this.

The corner of Xia Ning’s lips twitched. “Since we are going against Li Shanshan, we will definitely get what’s ours. Otherwise, it would be a big loss.” As she spoke, she winked at Wen Jing.

Wen Jing did not know how to react, but she felt warm down in her heart.

When they finally found another hotel and settled down, it was already dark outside. Wen Jing went to call Lu Qing and brief her.

Xia Ning stood by the French window. The city at night was clearly lit up in front of her. It was quiet inside, as if all the noise of the outside world had been blocked.

Maybe it was because there had been too many gossips, she felt numb. Or maybe her heart was broken so long ago. Compared to those events that piercingly hurt her heart, this was like nothing.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

Xia Ning took out her phone and looked at the screen, with her eyes covered with tenderness.


“Mummy, did you miss me!” Through the phone came Enoch’s crisp voice.

Before Xia Ning could reply, he answered himself, “I miss Mummy so much. When is Mummy coming back?”

“Mummy misses you too. Once I’m done with work, I will come back to be with you.” Xia Ning said softly. Remembering Qiao Yu was in J City too, she asked, “Who are you staying with right now?”

“I’m at Grandma’s. Daddy won’t take me out. He hasn’t come back for a few days. Mummy, you should teach him a lesson!” Enoch’s voice sounded upset.

Xia Ning was surprised. Qiao Yu’s mum’s place?

“Then you should listen to Grandma and go to bed early! Don’t watch TV this few days.” The dirt on the Internet was getting more and more. He was so tiny and cute. She did not want him to have access to them.

“Sure, Mummy. You should go to bed early too.” Enoch hung up and moved his legs around to show his happiness. He looked around and saw Gao Wanhua who just came out of the kitchen. “Grandma, I’m hungry!” He said loudly.

“Good boy, eat some snacks first. Food will be ready soon. All your favorites.” Gao Wanhua took a plate of snacks out and put it in front of Enoch. She asked with a smile, “Who was Enoch calling just now?”

Enoch replied with a sweet smile, “It was Mummy. Mummy said she missed me too. And she will be back soon to play with me.” As he spoke, he grabbed a snack and put it in his mouth, his eyes like crescents.

Mummy? Gao Wanhua stopped smiling for a second. She looked at Enoch’s happy face and said gently, “Eat slowly and don’t choke.”