Chapter 112: Pretence Became Reality?!

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The attacks on the Internet became even worse.

Li Shanshan’s fans were like an army under Xia Ning’s and SE Entertainment’s official Weibo.

“A vicious woman like you should go to jail.”

“SE is not a good company either. Signing this bitch is like becoming a partner in crime in a murder.”

“My poor Shanshan almost got her face destroyed. Must take legal actions against this kind of criminal!”

Some fans even went directly to SE Entertainment’s building and threw eggs to protest. Photos were uploaded to the Internet.

When Lu Qing came in the morning, she saw Xia Ning sitting in front of the desk and browsing the Internet using her laptop. She was a bit upset and put her phone directly in front of Xia Ning. “Take a look at what on earth happened in the past day and night. President Zheng is furious and all the higher-ups in the company are not happy with you. And look at you, still surfing the Internet.”

“They want to shelf me?” Xia Ning looked over but her fingers were still tapping on the keyboard. After she finished the last word, she closed her laptop, walked to the couch and sat down.

Seeing Xia Ning’s unchanged face, Lu Qing was a bit speechless. She took back her phone and turned around. “Young Master Zheng is handling this. He asked me to tell you not to worry. He will take care of it. You just need to keep a low profile for a few days.”

“Ok.” Xia Ning replied coldly.

Her phone rang again. Xia Ning looked at the number on the screen and answered, “Hi Brother Zheng.”

“Sure, I know. Thanks, Brother Zheng for your concern.”

“Right, goodbye.”

Lu Qing saw Xia Ning hanging up and looked at her phone. “Was that Zheng Haodong?” She asked.

“Yes.” Xia Ning tossed her phone on the side and opened the bag from Lu Qing. She took out the boxes from the bag and saw the spicy peppers on top of the food. She frowned. “Can’t you just get me something light?”

“It’s good enough that you have something to eat. You’re so picky!” Lu Qing helped to open the boxes and asked, “Since when did you and Zheng Haodong become so close? Did pretense become reality and you said yes?”

“You are over-thinking.” Xia Ning picked up a good piece of meat and ate it with a frown. She could not help but say, “Lu Qing, I’m from S City and don’t like spicy food. Could you think about me before you order next time?”

Lu Qing answered casually, not showing if she really heard her complaint or not. She continued, “I say, don’t say yes to Zheng Haodong’s question. That guy is not that simple.”

“Isn’t the food enough for your mouth?” Xia Ning rolled her eyes at Lu Qing. “Nothing like that. Don’t talk nonsense. Lu Chuan called me in the morning as well. From what you said, does Lu Chuan like me too?”

“…” Who knows. But looking at Xia Ning’s knife-like eyes, Lu Qing did not dare to say. She was way more good-looking than Li Shanshan. Wasn’t it normal to have guys falling for her? Why was she so not confident?

After lunch, Xia Ning was still surfing the Internet. Lu Qing said something and left. She had more than one actress under her and Xia Ning did not want her to always be here either.

In the Shengshi Building in S City, Jiang Xinyi was standing at the front desk and yelling at the people at the service desk, “I’m your President Qiao’s friend. Why don’t you let me go up and find him?”

“Sorry, President Qiao is not here.”

Jiang Xinyi was a bit upset. Was he really not here, or was it just an excuse?

When she returned home, she threw her bag on the couch directly and sat down with anger.

Song Qing walked over and sat down next to Jiang Xinyi. “What’s wrong? Did you still not see Qiao Yu?” She asked.

“He wasn’t in the company.”

Song Qing frowned. “So was the rumor true then?”

“What rumor?” Jiang Xinyi looked at Song Qing and asked with confusion.

Song Qing frowned. “Didn’t the Internet say that Li Shanshan was hurt? Someone spotted Qiao Yu in J City. It was suspected that Qiao Yu went to see that woman Li Shanshan.” Then her face showed despise. “Those actresses really think they are something, while in fact, they are just men’s toys. Xinyi, don’t worry. As long as you are the wife, it’s alright.”

Jiang Xinyi’s face looked complicated. Qiao Yu liked someone? No way! She grabbed her bag and walked outside.

“Xinyi, where are you going?” Song Qing stood up and asked loudly. But she had already walked far away.