Chapter 113: Police At The Door

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In the hotel suite, Li Shanshan was sitting in front of the dressing mirror and putting on makeup. She looked at the face in the mirror she found perfect and was feeling very pleased.

“Don’t take too many days off. Go to the set tomorrow.” Her manager, Hong Yang, was lying down in the chair. He looked at Li Shanshan and suggested.

Li Shanshan put down the brush but was not feeling the same way. “The heat of the news will last a few more days. Maybe Xia Ning’s leading role will be taken from her tomorrow. Why would I go suffer?”

“But if you are hurt and you still go, your fans would feel even worse for you. Plus, you can show the director and the producer your work ethic.” Hong Yang was looking serious.

Li Shanshan sneered slightly. “Who cares about what Director Li and Producer Feng think? I only care about President Qiao’s thoughts.”

Hong Yang heard this and his face changed a little. He stared at Li Shanshan and could not really beat her down. So he said tactfully, “Shanshan, it’s a good thing that we focus on achieving more. But sometimes you need to be down-to-earth as well.”

“I like President Qiao. Why is that unrealistic? Do you think anyone else in the entertainment circle is more suitable for President Qiao than me?” Li Shanshan threw the eyebrow pencil on the desk, looking upset.

Hong Yang saw Li Shanshan’s arrogance and felt a bit wordless.

The president of Shengshi with an entire business empire would have seen any kind of women. Why would he bother to find a woman in the entertainment circle?

Anyone would know from his attitude towards Li Shanshan before. She was never in his eyes.

“Someone like President Qiao is not in your league. Don’t destroy yourself because of your impulse.” Hong Yang warned her, “Some people on the Internet found out that President Qiao is in J City. Many say he was here for you. But you should know what’s really going on. Don’t take it seriously.”

He did not bother to take actions against her before, but it did not mean he would not do it later. He heard someone was already in trouble because they offended him.

“What do you mean? Why can’t President Qiao be here for me? It’s a good chance to show everybody my relationship with President Qiao.” Li Shanshan sneered.

She was so beautiful that she did not believe President Qiao would overlook her. This time, Xia Ning ambushed her so the media would not let that go easily. If that was the case, the producers of the show would have to consider changing the female lead.

Once everyone knew her relationship with President Qiao, no one would be in her way to the female lead. How could she, the national goddess, be a supporting role for some nameless actress like Xia Ning? That can only happen in a dream!

Hong Yang was not in agreement with Li Shanshan. “That’s the president of Shengshi. You…”

“So does the president of Shengshi not like women? I refuse to believe he will deny my charm every single time. If I can’t be his wife, it’s good enough to just be his woman. Moreover, the rumors came from the people on the Internet. What do they have to do with me?” Li Shanshan sneered.

Hong Yang felt somewhat helpless. She had made up her mind. But if she really got President Qiao in her pocket, that would be very beneficial for them.

In the hotel room, Xia Ning was typing in front of her laptop.

AKindHeart, “Hope everything goes well.”

MoonlightAngel, “Many thanks.”

StarryNightGoddess, “No worries. Until next time.”

Xia Ning closed her laptop. Wen Jing who was browsing the Internet on her phone said to her in admiration, “Sister Xia Ning, you are so calm.” When she came in the morning, she saw her surfing the Internet and it had been one or two hours.

“Why? Do you want me to cry in front of you?” Xia Ning chuckled and walked to the bar to get some water.

Wen Jing was surprised. She then said, “But we have to do something… Many of your fans are turning against you now. We can’t let this happen anymore.”

“If those fans heard something on the Internet and just turned against me, I don’t think they like me that much.” Xia Ning said calmly, “Stop worrying. Are you really afraid that the police will come to our door?”

Ding-Dong… The doorbell rang. Wen Jing went to open the door.

“Sister Xia Ning!” Wen Jing shouted in surprise.

Xia Ning was about to drink some water. She was shocked by her and almost choked. “Now what?”

“Miss Xia, we suspect you are involved in an attempted murder. Please come with us!” A woman and a man in police suits walked in and showed Xia Ning their IDs.