Chapter 114: Jiang Xinyi Showed Up

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Xia Ning saw the police coming in but her face did not change.

Seeing Xia Ning taken by the police, Wen Jing finally came back to herself and called Lu Qing.

Turned off? Wen Jing heard the mechanical female voice in the phone and felt even more worried. What should she do? She did not know a single soul in J city.

Young Master Zheng was the only one who could help. She took out her phone to call Zheng Ziming but somehow, nobody picked up either.

Wen Jing was worried to death. “Pick up. Please pick up!”

After a few unanswered calls, she hung up and ran outside.

On the ground floor of AS Hotel, Qiao Yu was walking down the stairs. Just when he got down, a shadow rushed over. The bodyguards immediately blocked her.

“Brother Qiao, I’m back!” Jiang Xinyi said in a low voice. She looked somewhat anxious with her hand on the bag tightened.

It had been almost a year since their last encounter. She did not know if she was still the same in his memory. But he remained the same. Even when he was standing there doing nothing, he could make people’s heart skip a beat.

Qiao Yu darted a look at her and said calmly, “Why are you here?”

The bodyguards realized that Jiang Xinyi was someone Qiao Yu knew and stepped back at once.

Jiang Xinyi went up and looked at him with somewhat wronged eyes. “I went to Shengshi Building for you but they won’t let me see you. Later, I heard you came to J City, so I came here.”

“How did you know I’m staying here?” Qiao Yu’s face turned cold.

Jiang Xinyi was caught by surprise. She looked at Qiao Yu’s sullen face and felt hesitant. “Brother Qiao, I…”

Qiao Yu turned his eyes away from her and walked around her to move forward.

Jiang Xinyi was worried immediately and she rushed to follow him. “Brother Qiao, are you going out now? Can I go with you?” She ran in front of Qiao Yu and blocked him.

Qiao Yu stopped his steps and looked at her. “What are you doing?” he said coldly.

Jiang Xinyi bit her lips.”Brother Qiao, we haven’t seen each other for so long. Can we sit down and chat? I won’t take up too much of your time.”

Qiao Yu’s face was cold and he did not even look at her. Instead, he walked around her and moved forward.

Jiang Xinyi stood at the same place and opened her mouth. Her entire self was lost in disappointment. Yes, just like before. In fact, he used to be better.

Why, why did he treat her like that? Was it because of that Li Shanshan?

No, maybe, maybe he was just too busy.

Just at this moment, an anxious shadow ran past her but she did not notice at all.

Wen Jing ran out of the hotel and was holding her phone, looking for a taxi. At this moment she could only ask Director Li and the other crew members for help.

Qiao Yu was about to get in the car, but he saw Wen Jing who was anxiously looking for a taxi and stopped.

Chen Hong saw her as well and he said, “That looks like Miss Xia’s assistant. I just saw her walking out of the hotel. Maybe Miss Xia is staying at AS Hotel as well? She looks like she is very worried. I wonder what happened.”

He knew Miss Xia had an important place in Boss’s heart. Anything related to Miss Xia, he’d better be careful.

“Hmm.” Qiao Yu answered calmly and watched Chen Hong as he went to talk to Wen Jing.

Not after long, Wen Jing came with Chen Hong and Chen Hong told him what was going on.

Wen Jing was a bit nervous when she saw Qiao Yu but her voice was determined, “President Qiao, if you can save Xia Ning, I will do anything for you!”

“No need!” Qiao Yu turned around and got in the car.

Wen Jing thought Qiao Yu was not planning to help and she felt helpless immediately. The next moment, that cold voice of the man sounded from the car, “Get the best lawyer.”