Chapter 115: How Come It Was Him?!

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Being in the police station felt very magical to Xia Ning, even though this was not her first time here.

But last time, she came for a body.

“Miss Xia, we suspect you are involved in the attempted murder of Miss Li Shanshan. Please cooperate with us.” A policeman named Zhao Gang stared at Xia Ning with a serious look.

Xia Ning lay in the chair and was a bit mindless.

“Miss Xia, please take this seriously.” Zhao Gang was not happy about Xia Ning’s mindless attitude.

Xia Ning suddenly looked up at him. “Are you a fan of Li Shanshan?”

Zhao Gang frowned and said, “This has nothing to do with our interrogation today.”

“How can it be unrelated?” Xia Ning’s lips curled. “This incident involves Li Shanshan and me. If you are a fan of Li Shanshan, can you guarantee your attitude is fair? I have the right to demand a different interrogator.”

“Miss Xia, this is the police station. Not somewhere you can mess around in.” Zhao Gang said coldly.

“I know!” Xia Ning stared at Zhao Gang and curled her lips again. “It would be good if you are not Li Shanshan’s fan. But I’m curious who reported me.”

“I can’t tell you that.” Zhao Gang had a very bad impression of Xia Ning. He took her as someone who dared to break the law and would never change themselves.

Xia Ning sighed. “Are you afraid of me retaliating? I am not that capable.”

Zhao Gang darted a look at Xia Ning. “You better tell the truth. Why did you attempt to murder Li Shanshan?”

Xia Ning raised her fingers and shook them at Zhao Gang. “You can’t really start making things up with no evidence. Before my lawyer gets here, I will not answer any questions. Can I do that?”

Zhao Gang saw the cute girl in front of him and frowned a little. So was she just joking around with him?

Everyone there was just stuck in the situation. In between, Xia Ning asked for coffee for a couple of times and that made Zhao Gang even more upset.

After about five hours, a policeman walked in and whispered a few sentences to Zhao Gang.

Zhao Gang glanced at Xia Ning and stood up. He said coldly, “Miss Xia, you can go now. Someone bailed you out. But if we find more evidence later, we might ask you back. I hope you are not leaving J City for the next couple of days.”

Xia Ning stood up and smiled at Zhao Gang. “Of course I won’t leave J City. I have work to do. But, thank you.”

Zhao Gang frowned at Xia Ning. This actress’s attitude really made him upset.

Xia Ning walked to Zhao Gang and suddenly stopped. She looked at Zhao Gang and said calmly, “If all the police were like you, maybe there wouldn’t have been so many people who would have died for no reason.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s vanishing back, Zhao Gang was caught by surprise and could not react for a moment.

That was some good performing. Her attitude changed so quickly.

Director Wang came by when Xia Ning left. He yelled at Zhao Gang immediately, “What did you do? How dare you arrest people like that? Do you know who she is?”

Zhao Gang was a bit shocked but he still argued, “I got a report saying she was suspected…”

“Shut up! Now you are talking about suspicion. Without real evidence, why did you get involved blindly?” Director Wang said sadly, “You don’t need to take care of this case starting tomorrow.”

“I’m not convinced!” Zhao Gang stared at Director Wang.

“You have no choice!”

Stepping out of the police station, Xia Ning checked the time. It was this late. Lu Qing would probably stomp her feet against her again later.

Dee dee… The horn of a car sounded all of a sudden.

Xia Ning looked up and saw the black Bentley not too far away. The car window slid down and the person in the back seat was staring at her.

When she saw clearly who that was, she frowned. How could it be him?!