Chapter 117: The Blame

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In the bar, lights were flashing. The noisy music was so loud that it was deafening.

The glasses on the bar table was piling up, but the one who was drinking had no intention to stop.

“Why, why is he ignoring me like that? Have I not done enough? I like him so much.” Jiang Xinyi was crying. She looked drunk but was still pouring alcohol into her mouth.

Gao Yang who was next to her darted a look at her and frowned. He wanted to say something but did not know how to start it. Out of boredom, he picked up his phone.

But just as he started looking at his phone, a call arrived with the screen showing ‘Bro’. His face changed slightly and picked up with his hand covering the other ear.

“Bro, what’s up?”

“Ah, that. When she asked me, it just slipped out.”

“Sorry, Bro, I…”

Before he could finish, the other side already hung up. Gao Yang was a bit speechless. What did he mean by next time if his schedule was leaked, it would be his fault too? He was only planning to do it once okay? But this time, he really upset his brother.

He did not really want Jiang Xinyi to be with Bro, but she would still be better than that woman Xia Ning. Therefore, when Jiang Xinyi asked him, he just told her.

“Gao Yang, what’s so good about that Li Shanshan? She is not from a good family like I am, and she’s not even as good-looking as I am. Why is Brother Qiao into her but not me?” Suddenly, Jiang Xinyi grabbed Gao Yang’s clothes and cried out loud.

Gao Yang heard this and was shocked for a moment. Bro liked Li Shanshan? What was that about?

“Who did you hear it from?”

Jiang Xinyi turned around and shoved another drink into her mouth.

“I’ve liked you since very young. I am trying so hard to follow your steps, so why can’t you see?”

Gao Yang saw her already drunk and had no intention to accompany her anymore. He grabbed her wrist. “Let’s go. I’m getting you back.” As he spoke, he dragged her out.

The car stopped near AS Hotel.

“Thank you very much, Brother Zheng!” Xia Ning unbuckled her seatbelt and smiled at Zheng Haodong.

Zheng Haodong turned his head around and replied with a smile, “I wasn’t much of a help. Your people got there earlier and gave me the chance to send you back.”

Xia Ning smiled, her eyes clear as sky. “It’s my honor that Brother Zheng got me home.”

Zheng Haodong turned his face. “Xia Ning, in fact, I…”

“It’s getting late. Brother Zheng, you should go back and rest. I gotta go.” Xia Ning interrupted Zheng Haodong with a smile. She opened the car door and left.

In the car, Qiao Yu was looking at the Maserati with a dark face, his hand playing with his phone.

Chen Hong in the front felt almost suffocated by the low atmosphere. But Boss was even blaming Young Master Gao to let his anger out. He had to keep a low profile now.

But, surprisingly, Miss Xia Ning is Boss’s ex-wife! He only knew Boss was married before because of Young Master Enoch.

No wonder Boss cared so much about Miss Xia. It looked like he definitely wanted to get her back. But why did they divorce in the first place?

The car door opened and Xia Ning walked out, heading to the hotel door alone.

In the back seat, Qiao Yu’s hand on the phone tightened. He looked at the vanishing back with deep eyes. “Go investigate Xia Ning and Zheng Haodong’s relationship.”

“Yes!” Chen Hong answered immediately.

Is Boss jealous? When this thought came to him, his body shivered. Jealousy seemed very weird when associated with Boss.