Chapter 118: Even More Dirt

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The next day, just as Zheng Haodong expected, a lot of social media accounts were sending out news about Xia Ning in the police station.

Lu Qing also hurried to Xia Ning’s hotel in the morning.

“How come every time I leave you for a moment, you get into all kinds of trouble?” Lu Qing sat on the couch and looked at Xia Ning speechlessly.

She had just left and this girl got herself into the police station. If she did not take care of her, would she be doing something even crazier?

Xia Ning was in her pajama looking for food in the fridge. She found a box of milk. After checking the expiration date, she opened it and took a sip. “Do you want some milk too?” she said to Lu Qing.

Lu Qing looked at her somewhat coldly. “What situation are you in now? Do you still have the appetite to drink milk? The incident this time is not for you to play around with.”

She was still so calm even after being in the police station. That was something.

Xia Ning walked to Lu Qing and sat down. She sat back on the couch and said calmly, “What would change if I don’t eat or drink? If I go to the set looking tired, that would be something on the headline tomorrow.”

“You could say that, but…” Lu Qing frowned.

Xia Ning put the milk carton on the desk and shook her head. “What’s white cannot be black. What I didn’t do can’t be put on my head!”

“Show business is not as simple as you think!” Lu Qing did not agree. She stopped for a second and continued, “I heard from Wen Jing that President Qiao got you out yesterday. What if we…”

“Lu Qing!” Xia Ning interrupted her words with a cold voice.

Lu Qing was surprised. She said to Xia Ning unpleasantly, “Why are you raising your voice? What are you doing…” But looking into Xia Ning’s dark eyes, she was shocked and stopped talking.

“I don’t have anything to do with Qiao Yu. I won’t say this for the third time!” Xia Ning stood up and walked into the bathroom with her changing clothes on the bed.

If you had nothing to do with him, would someone as busy as President Qiao take the time to bail you out? Lu Qing was a bit speechless.

And you were saying President Qiao’s name so naturally. How dare you say you had nothing to do with him?

She knew Xia Ning’s personality quite well. If President Qiao could make her this angry, he must have done something unbearable to her.

Could it be that President Qiao was into her, but she did not like him? Then President Qiao was chasing her so hard that it made her upset? But if that was the case, why would she look after his son?

So the reality might be, President Qiao was a playboy. And Xia Ning agreed to take care of Enoch because Xia Ning pitied Enoch to have such a jerk of a dad?

Lu Qing thought she was close to the truth. How many rich people were not playboys? Lu Qing decided to let Xia Ning stay away from Qiao Yu. It would be better to not help take care of the kid either.

Just at the moment, the door of the bathroom opened. Xia Ning buttoned her shirt and walked out.

Lu Qing stood up and said, “I’ve talked to Director Li, so you can skip work today. You are way ahead of everyone else anyway.”

“If I don’t go, do I just let them throw more dirt on me? I can’t just hide when things happen.” Xia Ning darted a look at Lu Qing. She turned around and opened the door to leave.

Lu Qing was surprised for a moment. When something like this happened, she should definitely not show her face. It was a heated time for the media after all. Could she just do her some good and save her some trouble? She grabbed her bag and followed Xia Ning out.

Just when she got to the ground floor of AS Hotel, Xia Ning walked a few steps and suddenly stopped.

Lu Qing followed. Seeing that she stopped, Lu Qing asked in confusion, “What’s the matter?” She followed Xia Ning’s eyes and happened to see a fashionable woman sitting in the rest area across them.

Xia Ning pulled her eyes back and said calmly, “Nothing.” As she spoke, she walked forward.

Lu Qing shot a look at her confusedly and followed her. She could not help but glance over the rest area. The person sitting there looked like Jiang Xinyi, the oldest daughter of the Jiang Group. Why was she not in S City but here? And Xia Ning seemed to know her?!