Chapter 120: Indeed Disgusting
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Director Li saw Xia Ning coming and was a bit surprised. Shouldn’t she be hiding out right now?

“Xia Ning, didn’t you ask for leave…”Director Li looked at Xia Ning as if he wanted to say more.

Xia Ning walked to Director Li and glanced at the actors and actresses working not too far away. She put up a smile. “Director Li, I’m fine. We need to keep working. Otherwise, all my schedule later will have to change.”

Director Li looked at Xia Ning and nodded. “I’m happy that you are not affected by the slander outside. Good, let’s keep up our good work.” He said with a smile.

Director Li left and Zheng Haodong walked over.

“Xia Ning, are you okay?”

Xia Ning replied with a smile, “I’m fine. It’s not my first day dealing with this dirt. I guess I have developed an immune system against that.”

“You have to be very careful this time. If the police are involved, many directors might already be excluding you.” Zheng Haodong looked very serious.

No matter how good your acting skills are, if you have a flawed personality, you would still be blocked by the Office of Broadcasting. Then everything would be over.

Xia Ning frowned. “If that’s the case, I don’t even care about their works. For those who do not trust me, I think there is no need for cooperation. I don’t think it would be my loss. Instead, it would be their loss.”

There was a very confident smile around her lips, always attracting everyone’s eyes.

Zheng Haodong was a bit lost in thought. There were a lot of good-looking actresses in show business that he did not have the patience to deal with. But she was different.

“Yeah, you are right.” He said with a smile. He seemed as if he made up his mind even more.

Everyone else heard that Xia Ning was back and came to say hi. Even though the rumors on the Internet were getting worse, the crew told her that they had her back.

The shooting continued but Li Shanshan still did not show up. All her parts were postponed, but they were still making good progress.

In the interim, Zheng Ziming called.

“Asteria, sorry. I had something going on yesterday and could not be there. I…” Zheng Ziming’s voice was a bit anxious.

Xia Ning said calmly, “You’re in S City and I’m in J City. This kind of stuff is beyond your reach. Don’t worry. Incidents like this cannot affect me.”

“But who bailed you out from the police station?” Zheng Ziming continued to ask on the phone.

Xia Ning did not talk. She had been deliberately avoiding certain things, but she did not expect it to be dug out by others.

“Asteria, Qiao Yu is not a kind person. Don’t be fooled by him!”

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “You are over-thinking too much. There is no way I can be fooled by him. There are certain things I remember better than you. Ziming, only you would think that I am this important.”


Xia Ning took a look at the set not too far away. “Well, let’s come back to business. Did you find out who broke the news that I was taken into the police station?”

“Yes. What do you want to do? Ban them directly?!”

Xia Ning curled her lips. “Nope. I need a favor from them.”

In the luxury suite on the top floor of AS hotel, Gao Yang lay against the desk and looked at the man who was working in front of him. “Bro, please go back to S City soon. This Li Shanshan is doing publicity stunts by using you. I’m almost disgusted to death.” He said.

Qiao Yu was looking at the documents and did not pay attention to him.

Gao Yang was a bit speechless. “Bro, are you going to die if you make a little less money? Shengshi Group is big enough.”

Qiao Yu looked up at him. “No wonder you had the time to be a matchmaker. You are not busy enough.”

The second the words came out, Gao Yang immediately said with a sorry smile, “Bro, I’ve asked Jiang Xinyi to go back. This one is on me. Just let it go.”

Qiao Yu finished signing and closed the folder. “You are right,” he said.

“What?” Gao Yang could not react quickly enough.

“That Li Shanshan is indeed disgusting.”