Chapter 121: Declared Dead
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After Gao Yang was gone, Qiao Yu called Chen Hong in.

“Do you know which room Xia Ning is in?”

Chen Hong stared at Boss’s cold face and could hardly imagine his ways to get a girl.

“Miss Xia is in room A609. But she went out in the morning.”

Qiao Yu’s face changed slightly. He picked up his phone to open Weibo.

Not for too long he found the topic related to what happened outside the set this morning, ‘Xia Ning confronting reporters again!’

Chen Hong took a quick look at the interface and knew immediately it was something that happened this morning.

“This Miss Xia is really good. She dares to talk back at the reporters. Is she ever worried that the reporters would take revenge and make up stories?” Chen Hong said on the side. What he had in his mind was, maybe she knew Boss was taking care of it, and that was why she was so fearless.

With someone like Boss behind her, who dared to offend her?

Qiao Yu did not talk. In the photos, the proud girl did not shrink back at all in front of the reporters. All the words she said to the reporters made his lips curl.

After more than three years, she was still like that. Always rash and quick to flare up. Clever but not afraid to love or hate.

Chen Hong saw Boss lost in thoughts and knew exactly that he was thinking about something related to Miss Xia.

“Boss, we’ve found that the social media accounts attacking Miss Xia online were all controlled behind the scenes by Li Shanshan’s team.” Chen Hong continued, “Should we ban the accounts directly and expose who is behind these?”

Qiao Yu put away his phone and said calmly, “No need. If we are doing it, we should better make her disappear forever.”

Chen Hong was caught by surprise. He darted a look at Qiao Yu. Even though he did not know what exactly he wanted to do, this time Li Shanshan definitely offended someone she should not mess with.

“What do girls normally like?” Qiao Yu suddenly turned to Chen Hong and asked.

“Ah?” Chen Hong could not keep up with him.

Qiao Yu frowned. “Never mind. Leave.”

Chen Hong looked at Boss and twitched his mouth. Was Boss thinking about how to get Miss Xia back? Knowing his usual behaviors, it would be a long and difficult way for him.

More and more people on the Internet were demanding Xia Ning to get out of the entertainment business. The accounts who broke the news about Xia Ning hurting Li Shanshan started to say that Li Shanshan has not shown up in public for quite a few days and was very likely to have died from the injury. And they started referring to Xia Ning not as the attempted murderer, but the actual murderer.

Xia Ning’s Weibo was flooded with the same voice.

“Xia Ning, killer. Why is no one punishing her? How is this b*tch still not in jail?”

“Go die Xia Ning. My poor Shanshan is killed by this b*tch.”

“Let’s go. If the law cannot punish Xia Ning, we should go and kill her.”

“I don’t understand now. Didn’t they say Li Shanshan was only hurt a little? How could she be dead all of a sudden? Are people nowadays too good at publicity stunts? But apparently, someone is overdoing it this time.”

Many people were cursing Xia Ning and demanding her death. Some were questioning the authenticity of the news, but their comments were quickly over-ran by the other side.

Under Li Shanshan’s Weibo, it was even more interesting.

“My poor Shanshan. I don’t believe you are dead. Please post something to show us you are alive.”

“I was wondering why Shanshan did not post anything in days. I can’t take the fact that she is dead.”

“It must be that the scattered piece cut her carotid artery. Xia Ning, you are a b*tch! What’s the use of the law? Go punish her!”

“Rest in peace Shanshan. [cry].”

Many fans showed their sadness towards the news and their refusal to believe it. In the meantime, they were angry at Xia Ning and claimed that they would bring her to justice.

Soon, there was more news breaking out. Actress Li Shanshan was dead during filming and it was not from homicide.

Li Shanshan woke up the next morning and was shocked by the news online. How could she mysteriously be declared dead within a night?!