Chapter 122: The Doubts
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Li Shanshan and her team who were initially sitting there and watching the development of the news were all caught by surprise. Who the heck spread this kind of news?

In the hotel, Li Shanshan was stomping her feet with anger. “Go make an announcement and tell the fans that I’m okay!” she yelled at her manager.

Hong Yang looked at Li Shanshan and frowned. “Calm down first. This is not that simple. Don’t you think we are holding the wolf by the ears now?”

“How?!” Li Shanshan sat straight on the couch and said in a loud voice, “All the media are favoring me now and they all know I’m the one suffering! Tell the fans now, I’m not dead! This is so random. Who made this up!”

“But if you send the announcement that your death is fake news now, then what about Xia Ning hurting you?” Hong Yang did not agree. “You have been in the headlines too much lately.”

“That’s a different thing. Xia Ning hurting me is real. But it’s completely made up if they say I’m dead. Must be that b*tch Xia Ning!” Li Shanshan said with hatred, “That b*tch is so vicious!”

Hong Yang darted a look at her. Were you not vicious when you were framing her for murdering you? But he was too lazy to say that to her. This ‘declared dead’ incident must be related to Xia Ning’s team. It had been developing so far that SE would not stand by and do nothing. But the key was they didn’t have proof.

“What if I told you, the two incidents were revealed by the same social media accounts?”

“What did you say?” Li Shanshan could not be that stupid. She understood the severity of the matter immediately.

If they were from different accounts, Li Shanshan could have said that someone else was making up her death and the people on the Internet would have bought it more.

But they were from the same account, if she said she was not dead, many would suspect she did the publicity stunt and framed Xia Ning. Even if no one suspected that, people would have reasons to believe Xia Ning hurting her was also made up, based on the distrust against those social media accounts.

“Why don’t I just say Xia Ning wanted to hurt me on purpose, to avoid making things complicated?” Li Shanshan ground her teeth. All it was needed was her pointing a finger to Xia Ning, wasn’t it?

Hong Yang looked at Li Shanshan speechlessly. “Do you have proof? It would be one thing that the Internet is saying that. But you want to get involved too?”

Li Shanshan was a bit anxious. She threw a pillow to the ground. “I can’t do this. I can’t do that. What’s your brilliant idea?”

Hong Yang frowned. “Let me think a bit more. Stay put.”

The news was a bit too much and seemed to have gotten out of control.

Li Shanshan’s ‘death’ was discussed more and more. More people started condemning Xia Ning but there were some who were questioning the authenticity of the news.

SE Entertainment said on the official Weibo, that they would take legal actions against those who were defaming Xia Ning.

Many artists who were good friends with Xia Ning all commented that Xia Ning was nothing like that. They also questioned the authenticity.

LinNanV: Didn’t they say she was okay before? Now dead? The media is very prone to changes.

ChengFeixuanV: Someone wanted to climb up the ladder and didn’t care about the means. Framing and slandering, the circle is getting worse thanks to people like this.

Many people who were in the same Xinghuang Entertainment with Li Shanshan started to share their doubts too.

JinYanV: I really doubt an actress like Xia Ning would dare to kill a chicken, and you say she killed someone?! Who did she kill? I’m very curious!

ShiHaoV: Yesterday, I heard Li Shanshan’s agent calling the company to report her schedule and it seemed like everything was okay. A night later she was dead? I’m shocked!

ZhouXiaoqingV: Don’t make up rumors. Shanshan is alive and well. Nowadays the media is so malicious.

With so many doubts from all the stars, the Internet started to question the whole ‘Li Shanshan is dead’ incident. Many went to Li Shanshan’s Weibo asking for the truth. Some suspected that it was another publicity stunt and ignored the whole thing about Xia Ning hurting her.