Chapter 123: Relationship Announced
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People on the Internet started to suspect that Li Shanshan was pulling another crazy publicity stunt to raise her reputation. But she overdid it this time.

Especially when idols and stars started asking questions, many were very unhappy with Li Shanshan. Her Weibo was also attacked by a lot of people.

“Is it real or not? Li Shanshan, if you are not dead, come out and say something.”

“Most likely she did it on purpose.”

“Xia Ning is no good, and Li Shanshan is no better.”

Many were not only Li Shanshan’s fans but also Lin Nan’s, Cheng Feixuan’s fans. When their idols started questioning Li Shanshan, they started to ask questions too.

A lot of negative news about Li Shanshan being a diva and having a very bad temper was also revealed. People started to criticize her like crazy.

Finally, when it reached the evening, Li Shanshan posted a Weibo to clear the air.

LiShanshanV: [pic] The beautiful princess for everybody.

The picture was taken in the bathroom. Li Shanshan in the mirror was not wearing makeup and looking very fresh. There was a band-aid under her neck.

“My dear Shanshan is okay. I knew someone was shooting arrows.”

“I knew she’d be okay. People like Li Shanshan should just be dead. She hurt herself but Xia Ning had to take the blame.”

“Her skin looks so good. Is it enriched by men?”

“Is it only me who saw a man in the mirror?”

“I figure Li Shanshan was with some man all these days that she disappeared. That cut does not look bad at all. Who knows if her sleeping around for a few days would get her a brighter future. I am not her fan anymore.”

Li Shanshan’s Weibo comments were not all in favor of her now.

Most importantly, very soon someone said that the accounts who said Xia Ning hurt Li Shanshan were the same as those saying Li Shanshan was dead.

The Internet started questioning the authenticity of the accounts and also started to suspect that Xia Ning did not hurt Li Shanshan.

And many who worked with Xia Ning before were saying it must be some kind of a joke when they were interviewed about Xia Ning hurting Li Shanshan.

The direction of the discussion on the Internet started to change.

When Xia Ning was done on the set and was ready to go back to the hotel, she checked Weibo and happened to see Li Shanshan’s post. Seeing the person in the picture, her lips curled up. Was it too late to clear the rumors now?

“Xia Ning, why are you so happy?” Lu Chuan walked over.

The scene that night was about Prince Qi and Weiyang saying goodbye before he went to defend the border. Prince Qi told Weiyang to be careful around the emperor but did not tell her his feelings.

Weiyang was having feelings for Prince Qi too, but she was not aware of it herself. The two’s performance was very satisfying to Director Li. The progress was going fast recently, so Director Li called it a day after this.

“Now I finally understand what ‘No zuo no die 1’ means.”

“Huh?” Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning in confusion.

Xia Ning smiled. “I need to go back and rest. Brother Lu, see you!”

Lu Chuan saw her vanishing back and frowned slightly.

Behind him, his manager walked over and said in a low voice, “This Xia Ning is not simple at all. She looks so calm with such a big thing going on.”

Lu Chuan sneered. “You think everyone is as stupid as Li Shanshan.”

But to everyone’s surprise, after one night, Li Shanshan’s Weibo got a lot of attention again. People were not paying attention to the authenticity of Li Shanshan being declared dead anymore, but who on earth the man was in the mirror.

Eventually, they all pointed to the Shengshi president who was in all her gossips recently – Qiao Yu!

So the headline the next day was, ‘Qiao Yu and Li Shanshan’s relationship announced’!


Ch 123 Footnote 1

Slang from a Chinese meme which means you won’t die if you don’t court death