Chapter 124: Don’t mess around with Qiao Yu

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In the hotel suite, Li Shanshan looked at the comments online and could not hide her satisfaction after her plan worked.

“Dear Shanshan, please tell me if the one in the mirror is your Mr. Right.”

“Is that President Qiao?”

“Must be President Qiao. I heard President Qiao is also in J City.”

“Wish dear Shanshan and President Qiao live happily ever after.”

There were so many posts online discussing the relationship between Li Shanshan and Qiao Yu, that those questioning the authenticity of Xia Ning hurting Li Shanshan were all buried.

So Li Shanshan won the new headlines again, but of course, it should be based on the fact that she and Qiao Yu were real.

“See, we should have done this earlier. Now the Internet knows that the news about me being dead was false, and no one is paying attention to whether I framed Xia Ning or not.” Li Shanshan said proudly to Hong Yang who was next to her.

Hong Yang pinched the center of his eyebrows. Using more news to cover the existing news on the Internet was some kind of a solution. But the thing is, this did not get approval from President Qiao.

They did not even get President Qiao’s contact info and had no way to know his attitude. If he did not like it, the results could be very bad. They were taking a very dangerous step.

So now, he was just hoping that President Qiao did not pay attention to these at all.

Since it was related to the president of Shengshi, the news that they announced their relationship got all over the headlines immediately. The reason was the man in Li Shanshan’s mirror.

The Internet started to paint pictures of their relationship.

They knew each other in Venice. Qiao Yu fell for Li Shanshan’s beauty and chased after her all the way from abroad back to the country. In order to advertise for Li Shanshan, he invested in this TV show.

It was said that there was another movie directed by Zeng Jun and the female lead was almost sure to be Li Shanshan.

This was all for a smile from the beauty. It was said that there would be more big productions awaiting her.

And the reason why President Qiao started to invest in films and TV shows was to pave her way in the industry.

The news went viral quickly. This was a real-life Cinderella story!

With President Qiao in her hand, she pretty much got everything in the world. Li Shanshan was indeed a lucky girl.

Early in the morning, Xia Ning was still in her bed when she saw all the news online. She felt amused. Was that why Li Shanshan was so calm? She had someone behind her.

Her phone suddenly rang and Xia Ning picked it up.

“Ziming, what’s the matter?”

“Asteria, did you see the news online about Li Shanshan and Qiao Yu announcing their relationship?”

Xia Ning was a bit confused. “Yes. Why?”

“Hahaha. What if I told you, I contributed some fuel to this one? These two are like a b*tch and a dog, a perfect match!”

Xia Ning was a bit wordless. But she was not surprised about it at all.

“Don’t mess around with Qiao Yu.” Xia Ning frowned.

“I’m not afraid of him!”

Xia Ning said with helplessness, “It’s not a matter of whether you are afraid of him or not. I don’t want to be involved with him. Plus, your action messed up my entire plan. Fine, I need to go to the set now. Have to go.”

Zheng Ziming was sitting in his office with his legs up on the desk and talking to Xia Ning with pride. But he did not expect to be hung up by Xia Ning. Staring at his phone, he was a bit speechless. He had not finished yet.

He did not think this would mess up her plan. Better to have a woman like Li Shanshan to be in love with Qiao Yu. This would disgust Qiao Yu and stop him from thinking about Asteria.

In the luxury suite on the top floor of AS hotel, Chen Hong walked out and took a look at his phone. This Li Shanshan was really something. It was the first time Boss ordered to take this kind of action against an unimportant person. He must have been grossed out.