Chapter 125: Li Shanshan Back On The Set

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In the afternoon, Li Shanshan came to the set with a group of people surrounding her.

When the crew saw her, their expressions were looking very weird.

There was way too many news about her online recently, and all of them were dazzling. But that won’t change their view against her, bad-tempered, high-maintenance and mean, among others.

After so much publicity, she was just jealous of Xia Ning’s leading role. Was she even worth it?

How many times did she come to the set since the filming started? This kind of women climbed up the ladder completely with men’s help. See, she had a high bar now and was into President Qiao of Shengshi.

Who did she think she was? A real goddess? Why would President Qiao fall for her? President Qiao did not even know her. Who gave her the courage to be doing publicity stunts like this involving him?

The man in her bathroom photo could not possibly be President Qiao. Who was President Qiao? Why would he go to a place like hers? Must be some other man!

“Is Miss Li feeling better?” Producer Feng walked over to look at Li Shanshan and asked without much emotion.

Even though he was good at getting along with people, he really did not think much of people like Li Shanshan who were not afraid of making headlines out of everything and liked to pull publicity stunts. There must be some bottom line to a person.

Li Shanshan raised her hand to touch the cut and said with a smile, “It’s nothing. I’ve been home for a few days and I’m feeling much better. Therefore I came back to continue filming. With me out a few days, everyone…”

“Why don’t you just go get changed? There is only one scene left and it will finish soon.” Director Li moved his head away from the camera and darted a look at Li Shanshan when he interrupted her directly.

Li Shanshan was naturally not happy about herself being interrupted, but she dared not offend the director. She replied with a fake smile, “Director Li is right. I will get ready now.” As she spoke she glanced over at Xia Ning who was in the scene, her eyes filled with disdain.

Xia Ning just finished her part and walked over.

Fu Yao went up directly and said, “Sister Xia Ning, Li Shanshan is here.”

Xia Ning took a look at her and said calmly, “Isn’t it normal that she is here?”

“Err…” Fu Yao was somewhat surprised. Was Sister Xia Ning really dumb or just playing dumb? She was attacked by the Internet for a long time thanks to Li Shanshan.

Xia Ning did not pay attention to her and walked to the rest area to take a break.

Lu Qing walked to Xia Ning’s side and sat down. She whispered at Xia Ning’s ear in a low voice, “Too bad you missed Li Shanshan’s entrance, just like a proud peacock. Did she really think making up news like this will make President Qiao like her? She is definitely courageous though, daring to do something like this.”

“She is cornered and helpless.” Xia Ning said calmly, “She knew that we must have footage of the scene that day. If I make it public, everything will be cleared. Therefore, she took a different approach and wanted to use Qiao Yu’s name to make sure the media would not report it.”

Lu Qing darted a look at Xia Ning and went silent for a second. She then continued, “Is there something wrong with her brain? Would President Qiao just sit there and let something like this go around?”

“Who knows.” Xia Ning took back her gaze and said calmly, “Maybe it was because Qiao Yu ignored her the last couple of times and she was encouraged by that.”

Lu Qing nodded and said with a frown, “I’ve never seen a woman who likes publicity stunts this much. I don’t think President Qiao would sit there and just let it happen this time.”

Xia Ning smiled and did not talk. Qiao Yu’s decision had nothing to do with her.

But just after a short while of quietness, Li Shanshan’s side started to get noisy.