Chapter 126: Li Shanshan’s Rage

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“What’s wrong?” Lu Qing said to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning shook her head. Just at that time, Wen Jing walked over.

“What’s going on, Wen Jing?” Lu Qing looked at Wen Jing and asked.

Wen Jing sat directly next to Lu Qing and said with a smile, “Sister Qing, that really helped me vent. Director Li asked the screenwriter to change the script. The next scene, Consort Yu will be executed. That is to say, Li Shanshan’s part is done!”

Xia Ning was a bit surprised, but she did not speak.

“Really?!” Lu Qing’s voice raised and she was looking excited. “Someone like Li Shanshan should not live beyond the first episode. She was definitely lowering the standard of this show.”

Xia Ning sighed. “This has nothing to do with us. You two lower your voices.”

“What do you mean by having nothing to do with us? Without her messing around on the set, our lives would be much easier.” Wen Jing snorted.

Li Shanshan took a look at Wen Jing and knew she was still bearing a grudge against the slap she got from Li Shanshan. She did not say any more to Wen Jing but turned to Xia Ning and said, “Why do you think they cut Li Shanshan’s parts?”

“It’s a decision made by the directors. You should ask them. I need to get ready for the next scene.” As Xia Ning spoke, she stood up and walked towards the dressing room.

Was it really that simple that the directors made the call? Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning’s back and was confused.

“Must be President Qiao who ordered to kick Li Shanshan out.” Wen Jing said on the side. Her hands were held tight, her face filled with admiration. “How could a good man like President Qiao fall for Li Shanshan! You need to be cruel to someone like her!”

Lu Qing saw Wen Jing’s face that was filled with admiration and suddenly something came to her. She teased, “Don’t tell me you are in love with President Qiao.”

“Impossible!” Wen Jing shook her hand immediately. “Just pure admiration. Who is President Qiao and who am I? It’s just that last time, he helped bail Sister Xia Ning out so I feel grateful.”

“He probably was not just doing you a favor.” Lu Qing curled her lips.

“Huh?” Wen Jing stared at her with confusion.

“Go find out why Li Shanshan’s parts were being cut.” Lu Qing changed topic.

“Sure!” Wen Jing replied with excitement and ran out.

In the rest area, Li Shanshan was glaring at Producer Feng and the screenwriter. “This script is completely different from the one I read before! I don’t agree!”

Producer Feng said calmly, “Miss Li, changing scripts is a normal process of work.”

“When I signed the contract back then, it said that I am taking Consort Yu’s role! Why did you decide to change actress! This is a breach of contract!” Li Shanshan was so mad that she could hit someone.

Producer Feng pushed his glasses. “Miss Li, you are mistaken. There is no change of actresses involved. Just the part of Consort Yu is finishing earlier. The role of Consort Yu is yours from beginning to end.”

“You…” Li Shanshan pointed to Producer Feng. “I will sue you!”

Producer Feng did not care to talk more to her and said coldly, “If Miss Li wants to sue us, please do so. Our show cannot afford a precious actress like Miss Li. And I hope Miss Li would honor the contract and finish the last scene.” He turned around and left after finishing the words.

“Ah…” Li Shanshan was so mad that she started yelling. She grabbed the milk tea and the bag from her assistant’s hands and threw them on the ground, looking somewhat crazy.

She looked around and happened to see Xia Ning walking towards the dressing room and got even angrier. She ran straight up to her. “Xia Ning, you are a b*tch!”