Chapter 127: I’m Not Taking The Blame

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Li Shanshan stepped up and pushed Xia Ning very hard. Xia Ning noticed it beforehand so she dodged to the back and the push did not really affect her that much.

“Li Shanshan, what are you doing!” Wen Jing rushed over and blocked herself in front of Xia Ning immediately.

Lu Qing pulled Xia Ning to the side and asked her if she was okay. Knowing she was not hurt, Lu Qing was still very upset about Li Shanshan!

“Miss Li, don’t cross the line!”

“Me crossing the line?” Li Shanshan sneered. “Who is crossing the line here? You know exactly what you did.”

“What did we do?!” Wen Jing was extremely unhappy about Li Shanshan’s arrogant face. She walked up and looked at Li Shanshan with irony. “What kind of bullsh*t national goddess are you? You are just an empty vase with no acting skills at all. Do you really think everyone should be flattering you everywhere?”

“You…” Li Shanshan stepped forward and was ready to raise her hand and slap her.

Wen Jing was ahead of her and held her by the arm. The irony on her face grew. “You really think I’d be slapped by you twice?” She threw off her arm. “Sister Xia Ning is being nice and ignoring you. But it doesn’t mean we will put up with your arrogance every single time.”

Li Shanshan staggered a few steps back before her assistant held her stable.

“How dare you treat me like this!” Li Shanshan pointed at Xia Ning and the others, her eyes filled with hatred.

More and more people came to see what happened, but no one dared to stop the fight. These two were both celebrities with a lot of publicity. If the others tried do something, they might be in tomorrow’s headlines too.

Lu Qing was tired of Li Shanshan’s arrogance too. She walked up and said coldly, “Miss Li, everyone is watching and they know what’s going on. Our Xia Ning has always been keeping her head down but that’s not enough for you. Just now, why did you suddenly come up to push her? People online said she hurt you. You know clearly about what really happened. It’s better to have some bottom line to a human being.”

“If it was not for her, why did Director Li cut my part!” Li Shanshan glared viciously at Xia Ning who was standing behind Lu Qing.

Wen Jing refuted, “Nonsense. That’s a decision made by the director and the producer. Why are you blaming it on Sister Xia Ning? It is obviously because you did not have acting skills.”

Li Shanshan sneered. “Don’t act like she is holding the moral high ground. If Xia Ning did not use hidden rules to climb up, how could she be the leading actress! Who does she think she is?”

Wen Jing was almost angry to death. “That’s enough Li Shanshan. Do you still have any sense of shame? If you are dirty, don’t imagine all people are as dirty as you.”

Lu Qing was furious too. This Li Shanshan had a dirty mouth.

“Wen Jing, did you forget what I told you last time? Having a fight with human beings is okay, but you can’t lower yourself to fight with a dog.” Xia Ning’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“Ha…” People around them laughed out loud, all thinking that Xia Ning did a good job talking back.

Li Shanshan’s eyes turned red and was ready to jump onto Xia Ning again. “Xia Ning, who are you calling a dog? Who are you…”

A few people on the crew pulled Li Shanshan away in case she hurt others.

“Whoever is biting people like crazy here.” Xia Ning walked up and looked at Li Shanshan. “Miss Li, if you are hurt, you should take a good rest. It won’t help the cut if you are filled with anxiety. Just in case the Internet says you are dead again. I don’t want to take the blame.”

Li Shanshan threw off the staff’s hand and glared at Xia Ning. “Xia Ning, don’t be so confident. Watch out for me…”

“Watch out for you to tell your dear President Qiao and ask him to take my leading role away?” Xia Ning interrupted her and raised her eyebrows. She looked at Li Shanshan with a ghostly smile. “You better hurry then. I will be here waiting for your news.”