Chapter 128: A Crazy Dog Like Li Shanshan

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What was she talking about? There was no way President Qiao would let Li Shanshan near him!

Who didn’t know it was all Li Shanshan herself pulling publicity stunts?

Everyone around looked at Li Shanshan with irony. Her support was made up by her. Moreover, because of all the publicity she made, her previous investors did not care about her anymore. What did someone like her have to be so arrogant!

Staring at Xia Ning’s provocative eyes, Li Shanshan was so upset. She yelled at once, “Let’s wait and see!”

You can lose anything but your face. She definitely did not want to lose face in front of Xia Ning.

Xia Ning nodded and pulled over a chair to sit down. “Then I will wait here for Miss Li and President Qiao’s arrival.”

Li Shanshan ground her teeth while looking at Xia Ning. Fine, she will eventually give her a good slap on the face as she wishes!

“What is everyone doing here? The next scene is starting soon!” Director Li walked over and shouted out loud. His eyes glanced over Li Shanshan. “Your part is coming up right now. Why aren’t you changed yet?”

Xia Ning saw Director Li walking over, so she stood up and walked to the side.

“Director Li, I’m not convinced!” Li Shanshan glared at Director Li. “Why are all my parts cut? I…”

“Miss Li is very busy, and we can’t use a tiny supporting role to trouble you this much. Therefore, I just shrank the parts for your role, in order not to hold you up.” Director Li said calmly.

Li Shanshan heard that and her voice choked. She then said, “Director Li is just saying this as an excuse. When have I ever said anything like that!”

“We are the ones who dare not use actresses like Miss Li.” Director Li did not dodge anymore. To tell the truth, he was grossed out by Li Shanshan too. During all these years of being a director, he hated people like her the most. So calculated and unscrupulous.

“Director Li!” Li Shanshan shouted out loud, “You have to give me an acceptable reason, otherwise I won’t let this go!”

Director Li sneered. “You framed another actress in the same crew. I am very doubtful of your personality, additionally, our investor has lost patience for you. The recent news about you is a big shame to our entire team!”

“Xia Ning is the one who is bringing shame to the crew!” Li Shanshan pointed at Xia Ning and refuted in a loud voice, “It’s her. She wanted to harm me…”

“You know more about the truth than anybody else. I just wanted to say this. Our crew does not welcome anyone with a questionable personality. Miss Li, please help yourself.” Director Li said somewhat impatiently, “Prepare for the last scene.” Then he was ready to turn around and leave.

Li Shanshan had never been humiliated like this before. She lost her senses under rage. “Isn’t it because Xia Ning is your mistress and you wanted to retaliate for her? Don’t pretend to be so noble!”

Xia Ning heard the words and her expression turned slightly. Her gaze at Li Shanshan became even colder.

“Li Shanshan, are you shameless? What nonsense are you talking about!” Wen Jing said in a loud voice.

Others looked at Li Shanshan with disdain as well. She had the nerve to throw dirt at Director Li and Xia Ning. Who did not know Director Li treated his wife and kids very well? Xia Ning was right, she was just like a crazy dog.

Director Li stopped his steps and said to the assistant director on the side, “Prepare the next scene at once. Li Shanshan doesn’t look like she is ready. Let’s postpone this one!” As he spoke, he left directly.

Li Shanshan saw Director Li not paying attention to her at all and felt her anger had to go somewhere. She was so mad that she wanted to stomp her feet.

Others left as well. Apparently, they did not want to talk to Li Shanshan.

People like this, someone would take care of them sooner or later.

Li Shanshan realized no one was paying attention to her. Just as she was feeling even angrier and wanting to create more drama, her phone rang.

“Hello. Hong Yang, good timing. What happened to my role…”

“What did you say?!” Li Shanshan’s eyes almost popped out and her phone slipped through her hand. Her face was filled with shock. No, it’s not possible!