Chapter 130: Digging Her Own Grave

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It was obviously Li Shanshan who tripped Xia Ning and fell onto the ground herself, okay?

Some analyzed the video immediately. It should be the scene where Consort Yu played by Li Shanshan was provoking Weiyang played by Xia Ning on purpose. Therefore, she tripped Weiyang deliberately when she was serving the tea.

Maybe it was because of the concern about the actresses’ safety, Xia Ning avoided the broken pieces when she fell. So there should be more filming on that scene later.

But no one thought Li Shanshan would fall onto the ground as well.

The scatters were to the left of Xia Ning, but Li Shanshan fell to the right of her.

In the video, there were no broken glass near where Li Shanshan fell. But she was hurt.

“Shoot, I finally understand now. I’ve never seen a calculated b*tch like this.”

“The commenter above’s technical analysis was amazing. I despise this kind of b*tch like Li Shanshan.”

“This was f*cking better than acting. To frame others, she even hurt herself. Whoever says Li Shanshan is a vase from now on, I’ll definitely fight that person.”

“No wonder Li Shanshan never dared to point directly to Xia Ning. It was definitely because of her guilty conscience. Poor Xia Ning had to take all the blame.”

A lot of people on the Internet saw the video and went to Li Shanshan’s Weibo to blame her.

“Li Shanshan, I’ve never seen anyone as shameless as you. That was a good show.”

“Used to think you were pretty. Now that I think about it, you are just a jeolous girl.”

“You asked someone to report Xia Ning for attempted murder. Can we sue you for slandering?! You must really want to be famous.”

“It would be a waste of your acting skills if you don’t get the Best Actress Award! But, your acting skills cannot come onto the table.”

After cursing Li Shanshan, many went to Xia Ning’s Weibo to comfort her and said they believed her.

When Xia Ning saw these comments, her mood did not change too much. People on the Internet were just like this. They changed their direction the second they heard something. They could like you today, throw dirt at you tomorrow, and say you were their true love the day after.

She stood in front of the French window in her pajamas, staring at the lights of the city. She was swirling a glass of red wine with one hand and holding her phone with the other.

“I can take care of this by myself. You are overly concerned.”

“Don’t call me if nothing is going on. I don’t want to hear your voice.”

She turned off her phone and moved her eyes back to the city lights and sipped some wine. Her eyes were as cold as ice.

It was right that the higher you stood, the more it hurt when you fell. Li Shanshan thought she won, but this was just the beginning. Yes, just the beginning.

Li Shanshan looked at the comments under her Weibo and was so mad that she smashed her laptop. She took out her phone and called the agency immediately, but no one was picking up her call. Even Hong Yang’s phone was turned off. Finally, at this moment, she realized something was not right.

The reporters also called Xinghuang Entertainment to ask about the news online this time. But Xinghuang Entertainment claimed that they did not know about what was going on with Li Shanshan and had just seen the news.

And Li Shanshan’s management team did not pick up calls at all.

This attitude was enough to show that Xinghuang Entertainment had given up on Li Shanshan. But why did Xinghuang, famous for its public relations ability, decide to give up so easily on the popular star who was called the national goddess?

And if Xinghuang admitted that Li Shanshan framed Xia Ning, that was like slapping themselves in the face. Its name would definitely be hurt.

When Shengshi Group sent out an official post, everyone knew why Xinghuang Entertainment was holding this attitude. Li Shanshan really dug her own grave this time.