Chapter 131: Clarification From The Official Weibo

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To many people online, the official Weibo account of Shengshi Group was as aloft as the moon in the sky. It seldom uploaded posts and all of them were news related to the group.

But such an account actually sent out a special clarification for the heated rumors in the entertainment circle, which brought it down to the earth a little.

ShengshiGroupOfficialWeiboV: Due to the recent publicity stunts involving President Qiao and actress Miss Li Shanshan, Shengshi Group has decided to make a statement as below.

President Qiao and Miss Li are not in a relationship. President Qiao does not even know Miss Li, but Miss Li did show up in front of President Qiao before.

First time: During the Venice Film Festival, President Qiao went on stage as an award presenter. Miss Li was below the stage. But President Qiao did not get in contact with Miss Li in any way. Please see President Qiao’s schedule and the video from the ceremony. Also, President Qiao flew back to England on the day the ceremony ended and came back in two days.

Second time: Please watch and listen to the video and audio recording from the AS hotel elevator gate.

Third time: On the set of “Shengshi Weiyang”. Please watch the video.

Our team does not understand why there are people trying to pair up President Qiao and Miss Li. President Qiao has numerous meeting to attend to and does not have the time for gossips.

Due to our negligence in stopping the gossips in time, some people took advantage of it and profited from making up and spreading rumors. Shengshi Group will send attorney opinion letters to any media or individuals who have started the rumors and seek justice through legal actions.

Moreover, in order to break the rumors, as well as to protect President Qiao’s name, starting from today, any activity in any form under Shengshi Group will not invite Miss Li.

Rumors are only stopped by the wise. Thank you all for your attention to President Qiao and Shengshi Group.

People opened the video from the Venice Film Festival. It was unedited and very complete. Of course, Qiao Yu came in fast and left fast. He did not even take a look at Li Shanshan.

As for the elevator gate, they had all seen the video before. In the elevator, President Qiao did not look at Li Shanshan at all. It was her that was being pretentious and wanted to approach him.

The last one from the set was, Li Shanshan wanting to get close to President Qiao but did not expect that President Qiao did not know her at all. He even complained that she looked too ordinary.

My god, she tried so hard to get him in her rumors, but he did not even remember her face or her name. This slap on Li Shanshan’s face was extraordinarily hurtful.

A, “She went for wool and came home shorn. Li Shanshan pulled a big one this time, and was banned by Shengshi Group.”

B, “If I were President Qiao I’d be grossed out too. The idea of being in this b*tch’s mind would make me throw up my lunch.”

C, “I just don’t understand where Li Shanshan got her self-confidence. Why would President Qiao like her?”

D, “My friend works on the set of Shengshi Weiyang. All the crew knew Li Shanshan was not liked by President Qiao and almost got kicked out of the show. But she would always be pretending and boasting when President Qiao was not around. It was very ugly.”

Five minutes after Shengshi Group posted the Weibo, Xinghuang Entertainment posted one as well.

XinghuangEntertainmentOfficialWeiboV: Due to personal reasons of our actress Li Shanshan, we are suspending all her commercial activities. Miss Li’s opinion does not represent our attitude. We apologize deeply for any reputation loss of President Qiao of Shengshi Group and actress Miss Xia Ning.