Chapter 132: The Clarification

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Xinghuang Entertainment was famous for its capability in public relations, otherwise, Li Shanshan would not have been able to climb up by publicity stunts. But today, its official Weibo sent out an apology. There could be only one truth!

That was, they had offended someone that they could not afford to mess with.

It was not long before comments flooded the official Weibo of Xinghuang Entertainment.

“President Qiao is awesome!”

“Aren’t you very good normally? Why did you step back when President Qiao was involved? Huh!”

“Ask your actress to clear her eyes. Before she crawls into someone’s bed, she needs to figure out if that person wants to sleep with her or not.”

“Xia Ning really got a free ride from President Qiao this time. This probably will keep SE Entertainment happy for a while. The biggest opponent apologized to their actress. Must feel good. Haha!”

“Did you notice that every time Xia Ning ran into President Qiao, it always turned out pretty good. He’s definitely Xia Ning’s lucky charm.”

But this comment was covered by others quickly.

The higher-ups at Xinghuang Entertainment saw the comments online and felt very upset. But what could they do? Li Shanshan messed around with President Qiao. Who was President Qiao? Someone who could finish them with a finger.

As to why they also apologized to Xia Ning, there were some unspeakable reasons. Anyways, Miss Xia was not someone they could offend.

On the set, Xia Ning saw her Weibo fans climbing up to about six million and felt unbelievable. It had not been that long, and the increase of speed of her fans was crazy.

She saw the official Weibo from Shengshi Group and it was unexpected. But she was not confident enough to think Qiao Yu did this for her. Most likely, he was disgusted by Li Shanshan.

Even without Qiao Yu’s act, she would be able to finish Li Shanshan.

After putting in some thoughts, she sent a post out.

XiaNingV: Thanks to my fans who are always behind me. I deeply believe that there will be a rainbow after the storm. Any setback is the stepping stone for growth. Thank you.

In about two minutes after the Weibo was sent, the comments were coming from everywhere.

LemonLoveLemon, “I knew the news about Lemon hurting Li Shanshan was just a rumor. Lemon, I will always support you.”

SkySkySkyBlue, “Don’t be upset about a b*tch like Li Shanshan. It’s not worth it. I don’t even want to curse her.”

LinNanV, “Seems like Sis is in a better mood. Are you buying me dinner when you come back?”

PalmRain, “Isn’t the commenter Drama King Lin? Please take a photo with me!”

Seeing Lin Nan’s message, Xia Ning wanted to laugh. Just a meal, why did he remember so well? But, when everyone was against her, he was supporting her. She felt grateful.

As she was thinking, her phone rang. The number on the screen looked unfamiliar.

“Hello?” Xia Ning picked up.

“It’s me, Sister. How have you been doing recently?” Lin Nan’s voice came from the phone.

“Not bad, is Brother Lin calling to remind me I owe you a meal?” Xia Ning chuckled.

“Yeah, it’s not easy to get a free meal from you. I really need to remind you.”

“Relax, I remember that I owe you a meal.” Xia Ning said helplessly.

“No joking. I heard you will be joining the Angel Fund Charity Reception. When are you coming back to S City? If you don’t come back soon, you are going to miss it.”

The smile on Xia Ning’s face faded. “It will take some time to ask for a leave. How could I not join a party hosted by the Best Actress Shen?”

“Xia Ning, it’s your turn!” The assistant director’s voice sounded.

“Sorry Brother Lin, I need to go. If you have anything to discuss, just wait till I’m back in S City. Goodbye.” Xia Ning hung up quickly and stared at the phone for a while before she stood up to do the shooting.

S City, in one of the Shengshi Huating estate houses, Lin Nan was lying next to the window. He saw kids playing soccer in the center of the field and his eyebrows raised slightly. He had the urge to try it too. It felt like he has gotten younger recently.