Chapter 133: The Follow-Up

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In the luxury suite on the top floor of AS hotel, Qiao Yu finished reading the comments on his phone, and asked Chen Hong, “Is Xia Ning still in that room?”

Chen Hong answered, “Miss Xia already checked out this morning.”

Qiao Yu nodded. “Okay, let’s go back to S City today.”

Chen Hong looked at Qiao Yu unbelievably. He thought Boss would get furious when he heard the news. Something did not feel right.

“Yes!” Chen Hong turned around and went out to make arrangements.

Qiao Yu turned on his phone and saw the “Thank you!” in his Weibo messages, and curled his lips slightly.

On the set, Xia Ning had just finished a scene.

Lu Chuan walked over and said with a smile, “The wrong has been righted finally. Someone like Li Shanshan could really use a lesson.”

Xia Ning smiled. “You don’t say!”

Lu Chuan sneered. “I thought she actually slept with President Qiao for a couple of times. Who would know she was not even able to climb up his bed? I don’t understand why she had the nerve to do publicity stunts like this.”

Xia Ning frowned and did not speak.

Lu Chuan did not notice the change on Xia Ning’s face. He continued, “I heard Li Shanshan’s parts were cut because of President Qiao too. But look at her. She was just complaining about Director Li and the producer and thought they did not like her. People like her really suck at reading others. She deserves it!”

Xia Ning heard that and darted a look at Lu Chuan. “Brother Lu, your part is coming up. I see the assistant director looking for you.”

Lu Chuan looked back and found the assistant director not too far away. He said without hesitation, “All right I gotta go. Talk to you later!”

Seeing Lu Chuan leaving, Xia Ning frowned even more. Qiao Yu’s name had been coming up too often around her recently.

Just as everyone was calling Li Shanshan names and asking her to get out of the entertainment circle, her Weibo updated.

LiShanshanV: Life changes, but the first times remain. Be the best self. [pic]

The picture was Li Shanshan’s face without makeup. She posed in front of the mirror. This time, no one was in the mirror.

She probably wanted everyone to remember her fresh and cute look when she just debuted, but people on the Internet did not buy it.

A: First times your mother. Why are you so pretentious? Just a b*tch.

B: I really believe it now, No zuo no die. Rest in peace, Li Shanshan.

C: I hate you now as much as I liked you before. Nobody can beat you in this world. Real human beings won’t frame others for attempted murder. Others did not even sleep with you and you are yelling their names. How horny are you?

D: The official Weibo of Shengshi Group posted President Qiao’s schedule. That day, the man in the hotel with you was in no way President Qiao, because President Qiao was in S City at that time. You slept with some other man and claimed it was President Qiao. Shameless!

Not too long after, someone found out who the man in Li Shanshan’s photo in the bathroom was. It was indeed not President Qiao, but Li Shanshan’s manager, Hong Yang.

Shoot, Li Shanshan slept with her manager and blamed it on President Qiao. Why would President Qiao take it?

No wonder President Qiao was furious. No wonder the forever-cold Shengshi Group official Weibo jumped out and made the clarification.

The gossips about Li Shanshan sleeping with her manager went viral online. They were flooding her Weibo as well.

Reporters started calling Li Shanshan and her manager like crazy. But both of their phones could not get through. Xinghuang Entertainment was clearly not preparing to take care of Li Shanshan’s business anymore.

Li Shanshan saw the comments online and went so mad that she smashed her phone.

“B*tches. They are all b*tches. How dare they defame me like this!” Li Shanshan smashed her stuff on the table like crazy. Everything scattered on the ground.

Just at that time, the doorbell rang. Li Shanshan went to open the door immediately as if something came to her mind. It was Hong Yang. She grabbed his hand like that was the last straw to clutch at and begged, “Brother Hong, save me!”

Hong Yang looked at Li Shanshan without any expression on his face. He pushed her in and locked the door. Then a slap fell onto her face. “B*tch! I’m gonna kill you b*tch.”

“Ah, Hong Yang, you are insane…” Li Shanshan screamed with anger and shock.

“You are the one who drove me insane. I’ve lost my job because of you, b*tch!” The man’s furious voice came out, together with the sound of things being smashed and Li Shanshan’s helpless screams.