Chapter 134: He Was My Senior Schoolmate

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The show ‘Shengshi Weiyang’ had all kinds of drama with the leading actors and actresses. So of course its publicity went up. The Internet was saying that this show was poisonous. Otherwise, why did all the leading talents get mud thrown at them?

But that did not affect the expectation of the show from other people, since the original book had a lot of fans.

As to the issue concerning whether Consort Yu, that was played by Li Shanshan, being executed would leave an empty seat on the emperor’s side, there was nothing to worry about. Director Li and the screenwriter had the idea a while ago, so they had arranged some new role to come in. That was approved by the author of the book too.

Indeed, the audience were bored of this kind of roles with a good look but an empty brain. It was a good time to make changes.

On the set, the staff were packing.

“What, an entire week of vacation?” Lu Qing looked at Wen Jing with disbelief.

Wen Jing nodded her head, “Yeah, yeah. Director Li came over just now and told Sister Xia Ning himself.”

Lu Qing looked over to Director Li’s side. Indeed, Xia Ning was still there. But they looked like they were done already and Xia Ning walked towards her.

“Director Li is really generous. A full week!” Lu Qing said with a smile, “Didn’t you say you might need to ask for leave for a couple days recently? Now everything works out. No need to ask for leave.”

Xia Ning nodded. “Let’s pack our stuff and get going.”

“Why did Director Li decide to give us vacation time?” Lu Qing asked curiously.

Xia Ning frowned. “I don’t know.” He said something about young people wanting vacation to get together with their other half and someone like him needing to go back and spend time with his wife and kids too. She did not understand completely.

Wen Jing waved her phone in front of Xia Ning and said in a sneaky way, “Sister Xia Ning, check this out. Li Shanshan’s latest news.”

Before Xia Ning could see clearly, Lu Qing grabbed the phone from Wen Jing’s hand and saw the photos on the phone. She laughed out loud. “It’s a great dogfight! Both of them are nothing good.”

Wen Jing agreed, “Women like Li Shanshan deserve an ending like this. Bad people will meet worse people.”

Xia Ning took out her phone and searched for Li Shanshan. Who knew where the photos were from, but Li Shanshan was beaten up in the hotel she was staying in. Her face and head were hurt in multiple areas.

As to who beat her, it was said to be her manager, Hong Yang. Now he was already in custody.

For news like this, Xia Ning did not have a lot of interest. She put her phone away and packed her stuff. She went back to S City on the same day.

Xia Ning was ready to get off the car when Lu Qing drove her to her apartment building. But she was stopped by Lu Qing.

“Xia Ning, wait.”

“What’s the matter?” Xia Ning stopped her hand that was already on the door handle. She turned around and stared at her with confusion.

Lu Qing moved her eyes up to the building. “Xia Ning, President Qiao and you…”

Xia Ning’s mouth twitched. She looked at Lu Qing with helplessness. “I’ve answered your question many times. I have nothing to do with him. Why aren’t you believing me?”

“But your actions make me question it.” Lu Qing refuted, “This time, Shengshi group stood out to counter-attack Li Shanshan and I don’t think it had nothing to do with you. Before all the publicity gets out, I want to know your attitude.”

“You think Qiao Yu did it for me?” Xia Ning moved her eyebrows and a smile showed up on her lips.

Lu Qing frowned slightly. It was just like before. Every time she mentioned her relationship with Qiao Yu, she was always holding the attitude that nothing was going to happen! Where was that from?

Xia Ning went silent for a second. She sighed at Lu Qing. “There is some kind of a relationship between us I guess. I was schoolmates with Gao Yang in England and Qiao Yu happened to be from the same school. Therefore, he was my senior schoolmate.”