Chapter 135: When Did She Start to Cook for Others!

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Lu Qing’s eyes opened wide and looked at Xia Ning with shock, “Are you telling me the truth?”

Xia Ning was wordless. “Don’t you know we are from the same school? He was two years ahead of me. Lu Qing, you need to do better in learning people’s background.”

“That simple?” Lu Qing stared at Xia Ning with distrust.

Xia Ning smiled. “How could it be otherwise? Well, it’s getting late. I’m going up and you should go home and rest.” As she spoke, she opened the door and got off.

Looking at the slim figure, Lu Qing frowned slightly. It felt like there was something more to it.

If they were really just schoolmates, why would she agree to watch his kid for him?

If there was no other relationship, why was she so cold to him, but him so tolerant?

It was so complicated. Lu Qing’s head was getting bigger thinking about all these every day. Well, let it go. She would know sooner or later.

The car below the building left soon.

When Xia Ning got off the elevator, she took out her keys. As she was walking pass the door next to her place, she stopped for a short second and glanced at the door, before she walked directly to her own door.

Just at that moment, the door next to hers opened.

A tiny figure rushed to hug her on her legs. “Mummy, you are finally back. I miss you so much.”

The touch on her legs and the childish voice shook Xia Ning’s heart. She looked down at the tiny figure in front of her, feeling her heart was melting.

She wanted to pat his head, but somehow she felt a bit nervous. Just like the scene that she had dreamed of a million times, she was afraid that if she touched him, she would wake up from it.

“Mummy, do you have time to play with me?” Enoch looked up at Xia Ning, his face so naive and pure.

Xia Ning returned to herself and put on a smile. “Yes of course.” Her voice was a bit coarse and dull.

“Daddy, Mummy said yes.” Enoch suddenly shouted to the back.

Xia Ning turned around and all of a sudden, she saw a long figure against the door. His dark eyes were looking at the mum and the kid gently. The coldness on him was gone and instead, he was full of the softness of a man with a family.

Was this her delusion? Xia Ning felt her eyes got a bit blurry. She moved her head to the side and rubbed her eyes.

“Enoch, come here. Your mum just got back and must be tired. Let her go take a shower first, and she will play with you after dinner.” Qiao Yu said to Enoch suddenly.

Enoch grabbed Xia Ning’s dress and looked up. His shiny eyes was fixed on her. “Then Mummy should go take a shower quickly and come to have dinner with me. Daddy made a lot of good dishes.”

Normally, Xia Ning would refuse. She and Qiao Yu should not cross their paths ever again. But seeing Enoch’s eyes full of expectation, she could no longer say no.

She looked at Qiao Yu across from her, and Qiao Yu was looking back at her with cold eyes, as if he lost all his warmth. Yes, this was the Qiao Yu she was familiar with. That moment just now must be her delusion.

“So sorry to trouble you.” Xia Ning nodded.

Qiao Yu nodded back and raised his hands to ask Enoch to come over. “Well, Enoch, let’s go back first and Mummy will come over soon.”

Enoch heard his dad and ran over immediately. He waved his hands at Xia Ning. “Mummy, be quick.”

Xia Ning smiled. “Sure.”

When Qiao Yu was taking Enoch back, Xia Ning’s phone rang.

“Hello? Yup, I’m back in S City. The director gave us a week of vacation, so I came back.” Xia Ning was talking and opening the door and did not notice the tall figure that was staring at her.

“Sure, I know. I will make a big meal for you when you are back. Of course I remember your favorites…” Xia Ning pushed the door open and walked in, then closed the door.

Qiao Yu stood at his own door and stared at the door next to his. A shadow suddenly took over his handsome face and the veins on his forehead were popping out. When did she start to cook for others?!