Chapter 136: Please Don’t Overeat To Death

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Xia Ning closed the door and threw her bag on the table. She walked to her French window to continue the call. She rubbed the center of her eyebrows and her face was a bit helpless. “Why are you talking like Ziming? I will take care of all these myself.”

“Like? What is like anyway?” Xia Ning switched the phone to her other hand and stared at the shining stars in the sky. “Instead of expecting illusory relationships, I find it better to do something meaningful. Jin Yan, it’s not like the earth is going to stop rotating if someone leaves.” She said calmly.

“Let’s get together when you are back. I need to take a shower now.”

“Yeah, I will go eat right after the shower. You take care. Bye.” Xia Ning hung up. Seeing the bright lights of the city, her dark eyes were getting emotional. She closed her eyes and returned to her room.

Xia Ning went to Qiao Yu’s place after the shower. The door opened and Xia Ning saw Qiao Yu wearing an apron. She was surprised, but she nodded at him and came in.

At the table, Enoch wanted to try this and that and insisted Xia Ning to get them for him.

Xia Ning was willing to have a good time with her son, so she followed his instructions. Everything on the table should be good for him.

Qiao Yu saw Xia Ning being so good-tempered with her son and frowned. She used to be like that only to him.

“That’s enough. Let your mum eat. Can you finish all this food in your bowl?” Qiao Yu suddenly said to Enoch.

Enoch took a look at his dad and pouted. He turned back to his bowl and was saying to himself in his head, Daddy is jealous.

Qiao Yu looked at Xia Ning and found her face even slimmer than before.

“I made a lot of food. You can eat more.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning’s face changed. This guy still remembered last time when she did not cook enough for him. This must be why he was saying this right now. Was he accusing her of her stinginess?!

Xia Ning looked up at Qiao Yu. “Thank you. I’m full.” As she spoke she put down her chopsticks.

Qiao Yu did not understand why Xia Ning’s expression changed. He frowned slightly. Was it because she did not like his food? She ate very little last time too.

After dinner, Xia Ning brought all the dishes to the kitchen. She was not planning to do the dishes this time, in case someone would make fun of her being lazy again. She turned around and saw Qiao Yu blocking the door.

Under the light, his tall figure was almost covering her.

Xia Ning looked straight ahead and wanted to walk outside.

A hand suddenly reached out and blocked her.

“Qiao Yu, what’s wrong with you…” Xia Ning got angry immediately.

“I’m busy tomorrow and might not have time to cook.” Qiao Yu looked at her and said.

Xia Ning frowned. “I have something going on tomorrow, so I might not be able to take care of Enoch. You should see if you need to ask your babysitter to come over.”

“I remembered wrong. It’s the day after tomorrow. I won’t have time to cook then.” Qiao Yu said with his face unchanged.

Was his brain broken as well to remember this wrong? Xia Ning was a bit helpless and said, “I have time that day. Enoch can be with me.”

Qiao Yu frowned. “I meant, I’m coming back for dinner.”

Xia Ning darted a look at him. “What does it have to do with me if you want to come back for dinner?”

Qiao Yu’s face turned black at once. “Don’t you think you need to express your gratitude since I was the one who bailed you out?” She said yes to others so easily, so why couldn’t she just say yes to him?!

“…” Xia Ning couldn’t help but sneer. Did she ask him to go to the police station? Did she ask him to be involved in her business?

“The day after tomorrow. Please don’t overeat to death!” Xia Ning ground her teeth and looked at Qiao Yu. “Get out of my way!”

Was this a yes? Qiao Yu curled his lips. He might have upset the little kitten, and she was even showing her claws.

To avoid being hit by her, he took back his hand and made way for her.

Xia Ning walked out directly and did not want to talk to Qiao Yu anymore.

“It’s okay if you want to do the dishes. I don’t care if you break them. I can afford new dishes.”

Xia Ning stopped when she heard Qiao Yu’s voice coming from behind. She turned around and looked at the tall man and sneered. He was definitely crazy.

As if she begged to do the dishes. If it were not for Enoch, she would not want to spend an extra minute here. She turned around and walked directly to sit down with Enoch on the couch and watch TV with him.

Qiao Yu stared at Xia Ning’s back and frowned. Why did she react like that? Didn’t people say that women liked to be spoiled by men? He made it very clear, but he felt she was not moved at all, and even had less intention to talk to him.