Chapter 137: More Days To Come

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When Xia Ning finally put Enoch to sleep, she picked him up and was ready to take him back to his bedroom. Qiao Yu walked over.

“Let me do it.” As he spoke, he took his son from her arms and walked towards the bedroom.

Xia Ning followed Qiao Yu into the room. She saw him putting Enoch in bed carefully with experience. He took off his clothes and tucked him in.

Her eyes moved from Enoch to him. His face looked extremely soft from the side, his actions even gentler.

It had never occurred to her that the arrogant, cold man would one day be so meticulous and gentle.

Maybe just as she thought before, she never really understood him.

Qiao Yu suddenly turned around and caught Xia Ning’s eyes. His eyes flashed with question. “What’s the matter?”

Xia Ning came back to herself and avoided his eyes. She walked outside.

Qiao Yu followed her out.

“It’s getting late. I need to go back.” Xia Ning walked to the door and wanted to open it. Just when her hand reached the handle, a big hand covered it.

Behind her, a warm body approached. A familiar smell immediately wafted into her nose. Her entire body shivered and a weird feeling came to her heart. It felt ticklish and went straight to her heart.

“Let me open the door for you.” His low voice was right beside her ears, like a dream. It felt somewhat tempting.

Who the heck wanted you to open the door? Xia Ning turned around and looked back at the man behind her. “Qiao Yu, you…” Her eyes suddenly fell into the man’s eyes that were as deep as the ocean. Her heart skipped a beat.

Qiao Yu was looking back at her as well. Her charming lips and her confused look. Their lips were less than two inches apart. He could hear her breath. The temperature around them was getting higher.

With her light and fresh smell from her body wash, he had the urge to pull her into his arms and kiss her hard.

Xia Ning realized she zoned out just now. Her face changed and wanted to get away from him. But his arms limited her movements. She glared at him with her heart pumping nervously. What did he want to do?

Suddenly, the weight on her arms was lifted. The man in front of her stepped back.

Xia Ning felt instant relief. She was just over-thinking. She darted a look at him before she turned around and opened the door to leave without hesitation.

Qiao Yu saw the closed door and pressed his lips together. There are more days to come.

Back in her room, Xia Ning shut the door and laid against the door. She raised her hand to her chest. Her heart just went through a fever.

Beauty was indeed seductive. She was almost tempted by him, just like before. That was embarrassing!

She cleaned herself up and went straight to bed, where she fell asleep slowly.

In the River Cam, a few small boats were moving forward. The students in them were looking at the scenery on the banks comfortably.

“No wonder Xu Zhimo would be able to write something like ‘Taking Leave of Cambridge Again’. Being here for so long, I don’t even want to go back.” An international student said with a smile.

“Your family business is in China, not in England. If you don’t go back, do you just want to waste your time and fool around here?” Another student teased.

Xia Ning was sitting towards the side, reading a book with boredom. She was not really close to these people, but they would always ask her to join them when they came out. Since she grew up here in England, she was more familiar with everything. With her here, they felt more relaxed.

“I could just stay and develop my business here. Look at Qiao Yu. He opened a venture capital here in England and now he is thriving like crazy.”

“Whose family here could be richer than his? Maybe not even all of us combined.” Someone cooled everyone down.

Xia Ning’s hand on the book shook. She did not expect to hear his name when she was just out with people.

“Asteria, I remember you are quite close to Qiao Yu?” Li Xiao, a new graduate student, asked on the side.