Chapter 138: The Dream

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Another girl followed, “I heard Qiao Yu helped you last time. So then? Any possibility of going further? You are so good-looking. Maybe you have a shot at getting this diamond-like rich and handsome guy!” The girl sounded jealous.

Xia Ning closed her book and saw the girls staring at her with curiosity. She said helplessly, “Why would he like me? He just asked those who were bullying me to go away. I ended up going to the medical office by myself.”

In fact, he wanted to pull her up but she refused. Then Zheng Ziming came to pick her up. She did not see his face at that moment. But he definitely did not want to see her ever again.

True. She was so rude and pestering. There was no way he would like her.

“So ungentlemanly.”

“Well, better to stay away from guys like that.”

“With Asteria’s looks, you will definitely be able to find someone better.”

She could not tell if the girls on the boat were disappointed, or trying to comfort her, or just gloating.

“Asteria, where did you originally come from?” A new girl turned the topic to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning answered, “I grew up here. But my grandpa said I’m from B City. I don’t know the details.”

“A British nationality works well. You are in grad school now at the age of twenty,” some girl said with envy.

Li Xiao on the side smiled and said, “It’s not a matter of nationality. Asteria is so clever. She is naturally different.”

Xia Ning smiled and did not speak. No one would believe her anyway even if she spoke up. Because in Chinese people’s minds, being a hard-working student was not something that could happen to a foreigner, even though she has the Chinese blood.

Xia Ning felt a bit tired and did not want to talk to them anymore. She closed her book and started to enjoy the sun. But when they were passing Cambridge, a figure fell within her sight.

“Gals, look, that’s Qiao Yu. The one on the bridge in the white shirt.”

“He’s so handsome!”

“Should we get off the boat and say hi? Ah, I’m so excited.”

The girls on the boat could not help themselves but be excited. It was as if they could not breathe smoothly.

Xia Ning saw the man on the bridge. He was in a simple white shirt and trousers. He had a book in his hand and was reading casually while looking to the left occasionally. It seemed like he was waiting for someone.

She felt a bit dizzy. She noticed him before partially because he was good-looking. Now, standing at the end of the bridge, it was as if he was in a painting. All the water, bridge, trees and people around him, together with everything else became his background.

Just at that moment, Qiao Yu turned around and looked over out of the blue.

Both of them caught each other’s sight. Xia Ning forgot to breathe. He saw her! She moved her eyes away with panic. She had embarrassed herself completely in front of him. This was really awkward.

But he was the one who made her embarrass herself. Why would she be afraid of him? He should be the one that was embarrassed to see her.

As she was thinking like this, Xia Ning stuck her neck straight and looked ahead.

But there was no one on the bridge anymore. As if Qiao Yu’s appearance just now was only her illusion.

She looked back and moved her hands unconsciously. The book in her hands fell into the river.

“My book!” Xia Ning looked at the book sinking into the water from the side of the boat and reached out directly trying to retrieve the book.

“Ah, Asteria, be careful.” People around her screamed in surprise.

Someone moved in the boat, and it tilted towards Xia Ning’s side. Xia Ning fell into the river from the side immediately.

“Ah, Asteria. Help! Someone fell into the water…”

Someone plunged into the water.

Falling into the water surprised Xia Ning. And she did not know how to swim. When she fell, she choked on a mouthful of water. The sense of suffocation overwhelmed her. She started to lose consciousness.

The water around her was moving. A hand suddenly grabbed her arm and dragged her into a hug. Her lips felt cold and a vague figure appeared in her mind.

Xia Ning suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the time on her phone. 2 am in the morning. She closed her eyes and wanted to fall back to sleep, but she couldn’t anymore.