Chapter 139: Stop Looking For Your Mom

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The next morning, Xia Ning got up to open the door with two dark circles around her eyes.

“Asteria, did you rob a bank last night? You look like a panda.” Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning and teased.

Xia Ning yawned and closed the door. Seeing the bag Zheng Ziming put on the table, she asked, “Aren’t you going to work today? Why are you bringing me food so early in the morning?”

“If I don’t bring you breakfast, what are you going to eat? Very likely you will just sleep into the afternoon.” Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning with blame. “Your stomach is already not so good and you don’t like to eat.”

Xia Ning sat at the table and pressed her lips together. “Don’t treat me like a kid.” Her hands were already unwrapping the bread.

“I’m just afraid that you are not even as good as your son!” Zheng Ziming blurted. But the second he said it, he regretted. He was really not picking the right topic.

He took a sneaky look at Xia Ning and found that her face did not change at all. She held a glass of milk and walked out.

“Is Qiao Yu still staying next door?”

Xia Ning took out a piece of bread and took a bite. She answered, “Yup.”

“What?” Zheng Ziming’s voice raised at once. The glass in his hand was tossed onto the table heavily. “What does he really want, bringing the kid to stay next door to you? Is he just trying to give you a hard time?”

Xia Ning looked up and frowned at Zheng Ziming. “Keep your voice down! My ears are deafened.”

Zheng Ziming pulled a chair out and sat across Xia Ning. Seeing her all relaxed and eating the bread, he said unpleasantly, “Do you know the situation now? Why are you still so calm?”

“What should I do otherwise?” Xia Ning darted a look at him and asked in return.

Zheng Ziming was a bit speechless.

Xia Ning opened the bowl with congee in it and stirred it with a spoon. She then said, “I said last time, there is no reason to avoid him. He can stay wherever he wants.”

Zheng Ziming stared at her and frowned. That was easy for her to say, but would she be able to clear everything between Qiao Yu and her later on? More importantly, Qiao Yu got ahold of her weakness. Maybe they really should not have let the kid be born in the first place…

“Ziming, I have a question.” Xia Ning suddenly looked at Zheng Ziming with all the seriousness on her face.

Zheng Ziming looked at her serious face, and replied seriously, “What is it?”

“When I was in the River Cam in Cambridge, didn’t I fall into the water? I remember that you came to my rescue.” Xia Ning looked at him, trying to get any slight change on his face.

Zheng Ziming was surprised. “Why did this come to you all of a sudden?”

“I just suddenly remembered.” Xia Ning said calmly.

“That time you really scared me to death. You knew everything ever since you were young, but swimming was never your thing.” Zheng Ziming said with a smile, “Do you want to thank me properly now? But your reflection is way too long.”

Xia Ning smiled. “I will buy you a big dinner next time. How about that?”

“Better sooner than later. How about tonight?” Zheng Ziming replied with a smile.

Xia Ning chuckled. “You are so eager. You are making me feel like I have not bought you dinner in a long time. But I can’t do tonight.”

“Why?” Zheng Ziming looked at Xia Ning with confusion.

Xia Ning answered, “You forgot. I am attending Ms. Shen’s charity reception tonight.”

“I will go with you!” Zheng Ziming said without thinking.

Xia Ning shook her head. “No need.”


“I don’t want to be in gossips with you.” Xia Ning threw a look at him and said with her eyebrows moving, “To avoid breaking all your girlfriends’ hearts and you getting back at me.”

Zheng Ziming could not smile at all. “Asteria, let me do this for you!”

Xia Ning sipped some congee and looked at Zheng Ziming helplessly. “I am not going to a battlefield. What are you afraid of? I just want to see Ms. Shen with my own eyes. Someone used to say I looked like her.”

Just at the moment, the doorbell rang.

Zheng Ziming realized something immediately and stood up directly. He volunteered himself. “Let me get the door.”

Seeing Zheng Ziming’s attitude, Xia Ning was a bit helpless. Why did she think he was a little too guarded?

Well, let him be.

“Hey kid, just stay with your dad. Don’t look for your mum.” Zheng Ziming’s voice sounded suddenly.