Chapter 141: Wen Yue

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After breakfast, Xia Ning sent Zheng Ziming away. She then packed her stuff and left home around noon.

For this type of reception, it would normally take more than half a day to get ready. Xia Ning’s plan was to go to ‘Dream Castle’ to get her hair done. As for the dress, she had already prepared it.

The customers at Dream Castle were all from the upper class, mainly because it was very expensive. But the hairstyles done here were indeed very personalized. Therefore, this place became a popular location for many celebrities and rich ladies.

But it was around noon now, so not many people were around.

“Miss Xia, hello. Miss Hera is waiting for you inside. After you.” A staff at the front desk saw Xia Ning coming in and bowed to her with respect.

Xia Ning nodded at her. “Thank you.” She was very familiar with everything here.

The girl looked at Xia Ning’s back and couldn’t help thinking, she would definitely slap those online who were saying Xia Ning had a bad temper. All this time she had been at Dream Castle, Xia Ning was the nicest to her.

Other actresses looked nice on the screen, but they were really hard to attend to when in private.

Last time, she was pouring water for a popular actress, the actress said the water was too hot even though it was definitely at room temperature. She even splashed the water onto her face and threatened to file a complaint against her.

Later, the water was changed and she said it was too cold. After about a dozen glasses of water, she finally drank. That was really a gold throat she had got there. Anyways, very hard to serve.

Inside the VIP room, Xia Ning saw a charming girl in wavy hair. She was playing with her phone with her legs crossed. A pair of gorgeous legs were up there, but she seemed unconcerned about being exposed.

“Hey Wen Yue, do you always welcome your clients like this?” Xia Ning chuckled.

Wen Yue shook her hand and was not concerned at all. “Sit wherever you like. Just give me a second to finish this round.”

Xia Ning raised her eyebrows. She found a seat to sit down and took a look at the game Wen Yue was playing. Bejeweled? When did she become so childish?

Out of boredom, Xia Ning picked up a magazine.

“Hoo…” Wen Yue took a quick breath. “Leveled up finally!” She turned around and looked at Xia Ning next to her and took the magazine from her.

Xia Ning stared at her. “Are you done?”

“Yup!” Wen Yue raised her eyebrows and started to observe Xia Ning’s face. Her long and white fingers were moving in front of Xia Ning’s face. “Let me do the fortune-telling and see what’s going on with you. Ah, the center of your eyebrows is so bright and your face looks pinkish. You are getting some blossoming love affairs!”

Xia Ning was a bit speechless. “That’s enough. Are you saying I don’t have enough gossips already?”

Wen Yue sat across Xia Ning. “Well well well. You poor thing. I will not tease you anymore. Let me get you an awesome hairstyle and make you shine at tonight’s reception.”

Xia Ning sighed. “Shining is not necessary. Let’s keep it normal.”

Wen Yue smiled playfully. “I will give you a face massage first since you’ve been working so hard on the set.”

Xia Ning nodded as she walked to the massage bed and laid down.

“It is said that Ms. Shen’s reception invited half of the entertainment business. Also a lot of celebrities in business and politics. Ms. Shen herself is from a rich family and she married into a political family, ” Wen Yue washed her hands and said playfully. “But she slept with so many men when she was young. Doesn’t she feel awkward when she sees her old lovers?”

Xia Ning closed her eyes and did not speak.

Wen Yue saw the black circles under Xia Ning’s eyes and said with a frown, “You don’t look very well. Why don’t you go back to England and take some rest? Doctor Edward called some time ago and asked me to remind you, it’s time for another checkup.”