Chapter 142: Otherwise, What Will Miss Shen Do?

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After the facial massage, Xia Ning fell asleep. But before she could sleep any longer, there was some noise coming from outside. She opened her eyes slowly and frowned.

“I asked for Hera. So what? Tell your boss to come out. Who would treat clients like this?” A sharp voice of a woman came in.

“Sorry Miss Shen, Hera is busy with another client now. How about we switch you to another stylist? Lorna is really good…” one of the staff said with respect outside the room.

“No, I’m determined to have Hera today. Ask her to come out now. I don’t have time to waste with you here.”

Seeing that Xia Ning was awake, Wen Yue said helplessly, “There’s a lady outside that is not letting you sleep. It’s none of my business.”

Xia Ning sat up and was looking cold. “Who?”

“Who else could it be? It’s Ms. Shen’s niece, the daughter of the Shen Group. They say she’s in your trade.” Wen Yue darted a look at Xia Ning. “Others say this Miss Shen looks exactly like her aunt but not the personality.”

Xia Ning’s eyes darkened. She looked back at Wen Yue. “How did you know?”

“Huh?” Wen Yue looked at her with confusion.

“Knock knock knock!” Someone knocked on the door.

“Hera, Miss Shen asked to see you. Come out, please. Otherwise, she is not leaving.” A girl’s voice sounded.

“Is there an end to this?!” Wen Yue frowned and tapped her clothes. She sneered. “You want to see me. Then, I will make sure you won’t want to after the first time.” As she spoke, she took a few big steps and opened the door to get out.

Xia Ning pinched her eyebrows. Wen Yue’s personality would protect herself. But today, she wanted to see what would happen. She got up and walked out.

There were a lot of people in the rest area. One of them was dressed brightly in all the big brands. She was crossing her arms in front of her and sitting on the couch. She visibly looked very upset. The staff around her did not dare to get near her, for fear of offending her.

“Hera’s here,” someone said. The crowd parted and made way naturally.

Wen Yue walked to the girl and said with a smile, “Miss Shen, I’m sorry, but I have a client today already.”

Shen Weiwei glanced over Wen Yue and looked unimpressed. “I’ve come to ask you to do my hair and that’s your honor. What do you mean by having me wait here for so long? Don’t you know that I can make you disappear from this business with just a sentence?”

Some people on the side have a good relationship with Wen Yue. They said to her, “Hera, apologize to Miss Shen.”

Even though this Shen Weiwei was very arrogant, she had a very rich businessman father, a Movie Queen aunt, and a government official uncle. Normally when they saw her, they would avoid her too.

Shen Weiwei obviously heard the words from around her. She raised her head and tapped slightly on her clothes. She looked extremely proud, as if she was superior to all of them.

Wen Yue hated this kind of arrogant people the most. She was acting as if she was a princess and everyone else were her servants. Wen Yue sneered. “Miss Shen has been eating rice for more than 20 years, but didn’t your IQ and EQ grow with your age? Don’t you understand it’s first come first serve? I have a client right now, so of course I can say no to you.”

People around her were shocked. This Wen Yue was so daring to speak to Shen Weiwei like this.

Shen Weiwei was so angry that her body was shaking. She glared at Wen Yue, stood up and pointed at her. “How dare you talk to me like this! Well, Hera, right? I will ask your boss to fire you right now. Let’s see if your boss is more willing to save you or offend me!” As she spoke, she yelled at a staff next to her, “Ask your boss to come here right now. I will give her ten minutes, otherwise…”

“Otherwise, what will Miss Shen do?” Behind the crowd, a calm female voice sounded. She walked in front of Shen Weiwei and curled her lips. “It’s a law-abiding society. It can’t be that Miss Shen wants to ask people to break everything here?”