Chapter 143: Asking Shen Weiwei To Leave

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Shen Weiwei looked at the calm girl in front of her. Even though she was not that much shorter than her, standing in front of her made Shen Weiwei feel suppressed.

“Xia Ning!” Shen Weiwei recognized the person in front of her quickly.

“It’s an honor that Miss Shen knows my name.” Xia Ning smiled slightly.

Shen Weiwei’s face showed some contempt. “Xia Ning, you are just a nameless actress. Better keep your eyes open and make sure you know who you can afford to offend and who you can’t.”

“You are probably even more nameless.” Wen Yue sneered. “Somebody made her family throw all those money in, but she is still nameless.”

“Hera, are you against me on purpose today?!” Shen Weiwei glared at Wen Yue.

Wen Yue crossed her arms and mocked, “Of course not. Who dares to offend you, Miss Shen?”

Shen Weiwei saw Wen Yue’s careless attitude and got even angrier. “Where are the staff? Why don’t you get your boss here now, and throw these two b*tches out? I don’t want to see them!”

Xia Ning looked at the door. “Where are the security guards? From now on, we can’t serve people as precious as Miss Shen.”

Shen Weiwei’s face changed immediately and sneered. “Who do you think you are, asking me to leave?”

“Can’t I?” Xia Ning smiled slightly. “See, they are here.”

Shen Weiwei looked to the door and a few guards came. She looked at Xia Ning with surprise. “Are you the boss here?”

Xia Ning chuckled. “Miss Shen can be the daughter of the Shen Group so why can’t I be the boss of a hair salon?”

Others around them chuckled too, hearing Xia Ning’s words. Someone like Shen Weiwei really did not give the impression of a lady from a big family. What was the difference between her and a crazy woman on the street?

“You are just the boss of a small business. I’m the precious daughter of the Shen Group,” Shen Weiwei said with disdain, her head up high like before. “If you don’t want to be taken out, ask your people to apologize to me!”

Xia Ning did not want to talk to her anymore. She said calmly, “What are you waiting for? Please show Miss Shen the way out.”

Shen Weiwei was stomping her feet with anger. She shot a look at the security guards and said coldly, “Try to touch me!” She then turned around to Xia Ning and threatened her, “Xia Ning, you’d better remember me!” As she spoke, she grabbed her bag from the couch, pushed the crowd away and walked out.

Wen Yue saw Shen Weiwei’s angry back and sneered. “So stinky. You think anyone would touch you?”

“Please forgive us for the inconvenience we caused today. Your hairstyles are on us today.” Xia Ning looked around suddenly and said in apology.

Everyone looked at her with surprise and could not believe what she said. They had heard Xia Ning’s name before as a nameless actress who wanted to climb up desperately. But seeing her today, they must have been mistaken.

And the staff of the salon was also looking at Xia Ning with surprise. So she was the boss in the stories!

Seeing the clients were back to normal, Xia Ning turned around and walked inside. Wen Yue followed her.

“Aren’t you afraid of Shen Weiwei’s retaliation?” Wen Yue frowned and said.

Xia Ning walked up to the dressing mirror and said calmly, “If I didn’t step up, would she not retaliate? That missy has a bad temper ever since she was young. She takes revenge for the smallest grievance, no matter if she’s right or wrong.”

“But, that would be against me…” Wen Yue frowned even more.

“Why are we saying you and me now? Even though this salon is under your care, it does not mean I will stay out of anything that happens to it.” Xia Ning darted a glance at her.

Wen Yue’s eyes became softer. She looked at Xia Ning and sighed.

“Xiao Ke, thanks for being on my side.”

Xia Ning looked at her in a weird way. “You are overthinking. I just want to see Shen Weiwei’s face as if she was eating sh*t. I feel much better now.”

“…” Wen Yue was a bit wordless. Sis, come on.