Chapter 144: I Married His Mother Before

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When Shen Weiwei was out of the Dream Castle salon, she was very mad and made a call immediately.

“Sister Xinyi, no need to come here. We’re never coming to this salon again. I will ask my uncle to ban this place!” Shen Weiwei yelled hysterically at the phone.

“Why? Because people here are b*tches. I’m so mad!”

Others on the road looked at her weirdly.

“What are you looking at!” Shen Weiwei screamed at a passer-by angrily.

The person who got yelled at sneered. “Are you crazy?”

Shen Weiwei threw her phone at him. “Who are you calling crazy? Try saying it again!”

The others heard her and stayed away from her. If you didn’t want to fight, you could always run.

Shen Weiwei sneered. She opened the door of her sports car and drove away.

After a short break, Wen Yue started to do Xia Ning’s hair.

On the other side, Qiao Yu took Enoch to the Qiao house.

In the lobby, the second he got in, Enoch said sweetly to Gao Wanhua who was sitting on the sofa, “Grandma!”

Gao Wanhua saw her son coming with her grandson, and a smile appeared on her face. She stood up and walked to them to hug her tiny grandson. “Enoch, did you miss Grandma?”

“Yes, yes!” Enoch nodded. “Very very much.”

“Give Grandma a kiss!” Gao Wanhua stuck her face out.

Enoch came up and kissed her face immediately, which made Gao Wanhua very happy.

Qiao Yu was the one who got ignored. He saw his mum and son being so close and suddenly realized one thing. Ever since this kid was born, all the women in the family started to ignore him.

“If you are sending Enoch here around this time, are you coming back for dinner tonight?” Gao Wanhua suddenly looked at her son and asked.

Qiao Yu replied, “Nope. I have a reception to go to. Later, I will come by and pick him up. So Mom, sorry to trouble you to take care of him for dinner.”

Gao Wanhua said with blame, “What are you talking about? Why are you so polite to your mum? Enoch is my grandson.” As she spoke, she shouted in the direction of the garden, “Mother Liu, take our young master to get changed.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Mother Liu came in from the outside.

Gao Wanhua put Enoch down and said to him softly, “Go get changed first. Grandma will make you treats later.”

“Yay!” Enoch’s eyes started to glow the second he heard treats. He darted a look to his dad and followed Mother Liu upstairs.

Seeing Enoch’s tiny figure running after Mother Liu on the stairs, Gao Wanhua started to sigh. “He is a big kid now.”

Qiao Yu did not talk and looked distracted. No one knew what was in his mind.

Gao Wanhua turned around and looked at the cold yet good-looking face of her son. She asked suddenly, “Did you come from Enoch’s mum’s place?”

Qiao Yu looked up at his mother’s calm face, as if he was trying to examine something.

Gao Wanhua knew exactly what her own son was thinking about. She sighed, “I heard Enoch making a call to his mum, and then realized that she is here.”

Qiao Yu did not speak, but his face did not look as cold.

Gao Wanhua looked at her son. “I think, after you picked Enoch up yesterday, you went to her place. Don’t you have anything to tell your mother?”

Qiao Yu looked at his mother and said calmly, “We can talk about it later.”

“No need to delay. I just want to tell you, even though I’ve never seen her, I don’t like her,” Gao Wanhua looked back at Qiao Yu and replied calmly. “I don’t know what happened between you two, but I don’t want Enoch to be called a bastard later.”

Qiao Yu caught Gao Wanhua’s gaze and something started to grow under his dark eyes. “Mom, Enoch is not a bastard. He is legitimate. I married his mother before!”