Chapter 145: The Shen Siblings

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Angel Fund Charity Reception was held in the famous Jingjiang Grand Hotel in S City. The entire ballroom on the 7th floor was occupied.

The LED display outside the hotel was advertising the reception, together with more at the entrance. The reception hosted by the famous Movie Queen Shen Weiran was that impactful.

Almost everyone invited to this reception was a celebrity or a star. Some nameless actress like Xia Ning would never be able to get an invitation.

Of course, Xia Ning did not get the invitation in her name. The Miss Etiquette Yang Yiyi at the entrance took Xia Ning’s invitation and looked at it. She then returned it to her and gestured to welcome her.

Xia Ning got the invitation back and nodded. “Thank you.” She walked in directly.

Yang Yiyi stared at Xia Ning’s back and started to look curious.

“Yiyi, what’s wrong?” The other girl, Gu An’an followed her eyes. “Wasn’t that Xia Ning who just went by? How come she is here? Why would our goddess invite her?”

Yang Yiyi darted a glance at Gu An’an. “Who knows, when she’s got the limited golden invitation? Well, here comes a guest.”

Gu An’an heard that and turned to the front immediately. She started to smile and make gestures to the guest, which gave her no time to think more about Yang Yiyi’s words.

The ballroom was huge and all lit up by colorful lights. Small groups of people were gathered together. Even though it was not even 7 o’clock, there were hundreds of people here already.

The ones in the room were famous stars, business giants, and government officials. The ladies, young or old, actress or not, were all dressed up like shiny diamonds.

Xia Ning was wearing a white dress, with her hair plaited up. The makeup on her face was not heavy and she was looking very fresh.

She was holding a glass of juice and standing in a corner, staring at the man talking to others not too far away. He looked like he had changed a lot. Last time she saw him, she almost did not recognize him.

Shen Tianlang didn’t realize someone was looking at him. He held a glass of wine and smiled at the middle-aged man next to him. “My father is not here today. I will pass Uncle Chen’s greetings to him.”

“Everyone says that a tiger will not have a dog as the son. Tianlang you are looking more and more like your dad.”

“Uncle Chen is flattering me.” Shen Tianlang raised his glass and took a sip of his red wine. He nodded again and was ready to leave.

“Ah, Miss, I’m so sorry, so sorry.” A panicked voice of a girl sounded.

Shen Tianlang looked over and saw a girl trying to clean the red wine off her white dress. It could have been an awkward moment, but she was somehow unspeakably elegant.

The waitress next to her was apologizing non-stop.

“It’s okay. You didn’t do it on purpose.” Xia Ning realized that it could not be cleaned, so she stood up and smiled at the waitress. “You can go now.”

The waitress thanked her at once and left.

Shen Tianlang saw Xia Ning’s face and was surprised. Wasn’t she the girl from the other night?

Xia Ning’s dress was dirty, so she had to go to the ladies’ room and try to wash it off. She looked up and her eyes fell on Shen Tianlang. Noticing he was also looking at her, she nodded to him politely and walked towards the outside.

Shen Tianlang saw Xia Ning walking out and frowned. Didn’t she remember him?

“Brother, here you are. I’ve been looking for you!” Someone came over and hugged Shen Tianlang’s arm immediately.

“Why are you so late?” Shen Tianlang looked at his sister and smiled.

Shen Weiwei sneered. “I met two b*tches. Not worth mentioning.” She tilted her head and followed Shen Tianlang’s eyes. “Brother, what are you looking at?”

“Nothing. Let’s go and say hi to the uncles.” Shen Tianlang smiled and pulled Shen Weiwei away.