Chapter 146: Movie Queen Shen Weiran

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More and more people arrived in the ballroom. Shen Weiwei looked around and pulled Shen Tianlang’s arm. “Brother, this is so boring. Why aren’t Auntie and Uncle here yet?”

Shen Tianlang chuckled. “Told you this kind of charity reception is boring and you had to come.”

“I didn’t come for the reception.” Shen Weiwei hummed.

“Huh?” Shen Tianlang did not hear her clearly.

“Nothing.” Shen Weiwei looked around and saw Jiang Xinyi at the entrance. She said immediately, “Brother, I will leave you alone. Xinyi is here and I will hang out with her.”

Seeing Shen Weiwei acting like a kid in her mid-twenties, Shen Tianlang felt a bit funny. When he turned his head back, the corner of his eyes saw someone walking in from the side corridor.

Seeing Shen Tianlang at the entrance, Xia Ning looked surprised. She nodded at him and was ready to leave.

Shen Tianlang walked to Xia Ning and stood in front of her. “Miss Xia, do you remember me?”

Xia Ning took a look at him and nodded.

Shen Tianlang said with a smile, “So sorry for what happened in J City last time. Good thing I didn’t hurt you.”

“It was my fault. Not your problem.” Xia Ning looked calm.

Shen Tianlang realized something and took out a business card to give Xia Ning. “Miss Xia, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Shen Tianlang.”

Xia Ning took over the card and saw the position on the card. General Manager of the Shen Group.

She nodded and said calmly, “Nice to meet you, Mr. Shen.”

Seeing Xia Ning’s pretty face, Shen Tianlang stopped for a second, and asked, “Miss Xia, have I seen you before?”

“Huh?” Xia Ning looked at him, confused.

Seeing Xia Ning’s confusion, Shen Tianlang waved his hands. “Miss Xia, don’t take me wrong. I just thought you looked familiar.” After he finished waving, he felt funny himself. Why was he feeling like a teenage boy?

Xia Ning smiled. “I think maybe I’ve shown up on TV too much recently.”

“Oh really?” Shen Tianlang smiled. But he knew that was not the case. He only started to notice her since last time.

Not too far away, Jiang Xinyi saw Shen Tianlang talking to someone. She said to Shen Tianlang, “Weiwei, did your brother bring a date?”

Shen Tianlang followed Jiang Xinyi’s eyes and saw Shen Tianlang talking to someone with his back to her. She could see it was a girl in white. She frowned. “I knew the girls would be making trouble, wanting to seduce my brother when I’m not there.” As she spoke, she was ready to run over.

Jiang Xinyi took Shen Weiwei by her hand and said, “Weiwei, don’t be like this. Your brother is old enough. Can he just never get into a relationship?”

“But…” Shen Weiwei was a bit unwilling. She always thought that if Shen Tianlang had a girlfriend, he would not pay that much attention to her anymore.

Of course, Jiang Xinyi knew her thoughts. She pulled her to the side with a smile.

“Ladies and gentleman. Ms. Shen Weiran and Mr. Song Bocheng.” The host’s voice raised and got everyone’s attention to the entrance.

Xia Ning turned to the entrance as well. The people nearby parted voluntarily. And a few bodyguards were in the front to make way.

A woman in a red gown walked in elegantly under everyone’s eyes, holding the arm of a middle-aged man in a suit. The cut of the dress set off her nice body. She had a pair of big eyes, gentle and friendly. And her smile was so attractive. Her skin was white. Together with a flawless face, no one would have guessed this woman was in her fifties.

This was the Movie Queen Shen Weiran. She was the legend who had both acting skills and looks, as well as brain and talent!

Xia Ning took a glass of wine from the plate next to her and took a sip. The corner of her eyes fell onto Shen Weiran and her expression started to get dark.