Chapter 148: Did I Come Here Wrong?

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“Brother, why are you apologizing? I didn’t do anything wrong. Whose side are you on?” Shen Weiwei looked at Shen Tianlang furiously. Her brother, who cared about her the most, was protecting some other woman right in front of her. How could she take this? She pointed to Xia Ning and said, “Speak. Did you try to seduce my brother? I knew you were up to no good…”

“Enough!” Shen Tianlang shouted in a low voice and grabbed Shen Weiwei’s hand that was reaching for Xia Ning. He said in a serious voice, “You can do whatever you want at home, but don’t lose Auntie’s face out here.”

“What did I do and why am I losing face? Shen Tianlang, are you yelling at me because of that woman?” Shen Weiwei glared at Shen Tianlang.

Jiang Xinyi came over to hold Shen Weiwei’s hand and said, “Well, Weiwei, so many people are watching. Don’t make a scene here.” Then she turned to Xia Ning and said with a smile, “Miss Xia, sorry. Weiwei is not a bad person, but she has a very straightforward personality. Please don’t be offended.”

Shen Weiwei had a straightforward personality, so was she the one who was so calculated?

Xia Ning stared at Jiang Xinyi in the front. This was probably the first time she had met Jiang Xinyi. If it were before, she might have wanted to know why Jiang Xinyi was so good. She must already have been someone special to be able to accompany that man.

She smiled all of a sudden. “I’m not close to Miss Shen, so I don’t know anything about her personality. I just know that I was standing here and someone pushed me. Miss Jiang has always been a fair person. So please tell me, who’s right and who’s wrong?”

The smile on Jiang Xinyi’s face froze. She frowned and said, “Miss Xia, let it go when you still can.”

“So what Miss Jiang meant was, Miss Shen is wrong?” Xia Ning raised her eyebrows and looked at her.

“Who did you say is wrong?!” Shen Weiwei shouted out loud at Xia Ning.

Xia Ning threw a look at Shen Weiwei and said calmly, “That’s what Miss Jiang was saying.”

Shen Tianlang had his eyes on Xia Ning and looked surprised. He forgot to stop them.

Jiang Xinyi seemed a bit upset. “What does Miss Xia want? Why are you so caught up on such a tiny matter?”

Xia Ning smiled. “A tiny matter? Are you sure, Miss Jiang?”

Xia Ning’s abrupt smile alerted Jiang Xinyi. The next moment, she saw Xia Ning’s hand reaching out to her and she stepped back immediately. “What are you doing?” she screamed.

Everyone looked over when they heard the scream. They saw Jiang Xinyi staring at Xia Ning nervously as if Xia Ning did something unbearable to her just now.

Shen Weiran looked at the back of the person in white and said to the assistant next to her, “Go find out what’s going on.”

Xia Ning moved her hand up to her eyes and looked at the hair between her fingers. She said to Jiang Xinyi with a smile, “I just saw a hair on Miss Jiang’s dress and wanted to take it off you. Why are you reacting like this? You can’t be thinking that I was going to hurt you? I think even if I did push Miss Jiang, you wouldn’t mind this tiny matter.”

Jiang Xinyi saw the hair in Xia Ning’s hand and was extremely upset. Did she do it on purpose just to embarrass her in public?!

“Which family is this girl from? So impolite!” Song Qing said to Xia Ning unpleasantly. She saw her daughter at a disadvantage and walked over immediately.

Shen Weiwei sneered on the side. “Auntie, you are mistaken. She is just a nameless actress, not any daughter from a good family. Our reception only invited respected families and celebrities. How could she be invited? Who knows if she is just here to find a good husband to climb up?”

Shen Tianlang’s face turned ugly. He stopped Shen Weiwei with a low voice, “What kind of nonsense are you talking about?”

Shen Weiwei smirked. “Don’t tell me you are falling for her. I am not going to allow it!”

Shen Tianlang looked at Shen Weiwei and felt a headache. What nonsense was she talking about? He glanced over to Xia Ning, seeing her expression unchanged and finally felt relieved.

Song Qing darted a look at Xia Ning with disdain in her eyes. She said coldly, “If you don’t have an invitation, you are not good enough to be here! Get out now!”

Seeing Song Qing giving Xia Ning a hard time, Shen Tianlang responded instinctively, “Actually, it was me…”

“With what you are saying, I didn’t get an invitation too. So did I come here wrong?” A man’s voice suddenly came from the entrance. The cold and magnetic voice immediately broke through the noise of the party.