Chapter 149: Qiao Yu’s Arrival

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Everyone turned to the main entrance and saw a man in a suit there. His handsome face was calm and cold. With intimidating dark eyes, he looked like a king. Even a simple look at him would make people in awe.

Xia Ning saw the man at the entrance and was slightly shocked. She did not expect that he would come here.

Jiang Xinyi had no attention for Xia Ning anymore. She looked at Qiao Yu in excitement, completely forgetting that her mother and her had just offended him in words.

“Isn’t that President Qiao?” someone whispered.

“Yeah, why would someone like President Qiao come here?”

“For this kind of reception, he probably would not come even if the Song couple went to invite him personally, not to say with an invitation card.”

People were whispering.

Song Bocheng walked over with his wife Shen Weiran and reached out his hand. He said, “Welcome, President Qiao.”

Qiao Yu shook hands with Song Bocheng with a calm look. “I came without an invitation. Please forgive me, President Song.”

“What are you talking about? You coming here is already a huge honor for this reception.” Song Bocheng replied courteously.

Jiang Xinyi and Song Qing then realized that what they just said basically offended Qiao Yu. But their faces only looked awkward for a second.

In Jiang Xinyi’s eyes, Qiao Yu was her future husband. In Song Qing’s mind, Qiao Yu was her future son-in-law. So Qiao Yu couldn’t really be mad at them.

“Of course, a regular reception would not be good enough for our Brother Qiao!” Song Chenfeng walked up from behind Qiao Yu with both of his hands in his pockets. A pair of flirtatious eyes were somewhat smiling. His entire body had a sense of mischievous laziness.

Song Bocheng stared at Song Chenfeng and frowned. “Why are you late? Didn’t I tell you to come here earlier? Don’t you know to share my burden as a grown-up man? You should learn from President Qiao on this.”

Shen Weiran saw Song Bocheng blaming Song Chenfeng, so she pulled the corner of his suit and said, “Well, don’t blame Chengfeng. It was me who asked him not to come and help.”

Song Chenfeng darted a glance at Shen Weiran and looked ironic. He sneered. “Such a hypocrite.”

“What did you say?!” Song Bocheng raised his voice.

Seeing that the father and the son were about to get into a fight, Jiang Tingyuan came over to stop the upcoming battle. He said to Qiao Yu, “My good nephew, you seemed very busy since you came back from England. Us uncles did not have a chance to see you. I heard you got another couple of good lands…”

Qiao Yu looked at him and said calmly, “President Jiang, I’m not going to discuss business with you at today’s charity reception.”

Jiang Tingyuan was choked by his words. Being interrupted by his nephew did not look good on him. But what could he do, with Qiao Yu being the man in charge in the Qiao family?

Ever since what happened a few years ago, the Qiao family and the Jiang family’s relationship got worse and worse. It was indeed a bad strategy.

Song Bocheng did not know why Qiao Yu would be in the mood to come to a charity reception. He just said to Song Chenfeng on the side, “Chenfeng, you should accompany President Qiao well today and take the chance to learn from President Qiao. Don’t spend all your time fooling around.”

Song Chenfeng’s one hand was still in the pocket, the other touched his nose. He took a breath and sneered at Song Bocheng. “Of course, I need to learn from Brother Qiao. Otherwise, if I learn from you, father, I will probably only learn how to play women!”

“You!” Song Bocheng’s face turned drastically. He glared at Song Chenfeng and his body was shaking with anger.

Shen Weiran on the side grabbed his hand and said softly, “Don’t get mad. Chenfeng’s just a kid.” She then turned to Song Chenfeng and said softly, “Chenfeng, your dad has heart issues. Don’t upset him.”

Song Chenfeng looked at Shen Weiran sarcastically. “Don’t play the nice person here. You probably want my father to die more than anyone else!”

“What did you say?” Song Bocheng walked to Song Chenfeng in anger and was ready to hit him.

Shen Weiran pulled him away. “Bocheng, don’t get mad!”

At this moment, Shen Tianlang ran over to stop Song Chenfeng as well. He frowned. “See what day it is today and where you are now. Don’t mess around. Let’s go and get a drink.” As he spoke, he looked at Qiao Yu with a smile. “Cousin, don’t you want to drink with me!”

Qiao Yu replied calmly, “Sure.” When he turned around, his eyes fell onto the white figure around the corner.